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Monday, October 31, 2011

MBSC Club Heat 2

Club heat 2 was sailed on Sunday with a soft fluctuating ESE Breeze. It was quite a casual start from Matilda Buoy which meant everyone left the beach only minutes before the start. Starter Andy gave us a reminder 3 horn blow which was met with read between the lines responses from Mainy who was still getting into his wetsuit.

The course was W/L Style using Addison as the top mark and Club as the bottom. The start was a short line which tested a few as everyone was early. Impact was thinking about a Port Start but had no room causing a ruckus at the pin and breaking the start. Pressure was king on the water and Keysie proved once again that going the wrong way but staying in pressure wins. Impact managed to play the shifts well with the female crew scraping in for a second. Loaded Dice finished in third.

Peter Ivanac will probably attributing his form to jet lag after flying in the night before from America. Although bets are bets I hope he pays his jug bet with Impact.

This Sunday is PFSYC open day which the Sharpies have supported for a long time.
1430 Start. Course information can be found here or here(PDF). If you intend to sail please let Craig Mann know this week so he submit handicaps

Most boats are sailing up from MBSC. But dont forget to stop by the club for a beer afterwards.

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