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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

GBYC season underway

Hi all

Last weekend saw the club opening day to kick the season off, as all fleets sailed together in a light short course the racing was uneventfull with the uninvited taking out the sharpie race.

Saturday saw the first points race of the season, three sharpies faced the starter over an olympic course. Being the last class away means that you canot change the course, as the tornado was almost back at the start.With 15 seconds to go the breeze swung from a light sw to n/e. The first work became a run with suicide blonde to windward of suburban boys and mozz in uninvited uncharectristicly late for the start.
Looking at the confusion on the faces of the skippers as to the course was gold, fortunately the crews prevailed and all went the right way.Getting to the bottom mark for the second time suicide led from suburban and were content to cover them, neither of these two had bothered to watch mozz who had taken a big dig to the right and was 50 meters clear. (talk in the bar was he cut the previous leg a bit short).

Into the last lap Suicide was able to close the gap on the uninvited but unable to pass leaving The Uninvited with Mozz, Dean and Tom winners from Suicide Blonde with Craig, Pete and Brownie leaving Just Suburban Boys, Snow,Rob and Josh in third.

Next week sees the first club heat with Bullit aiming to hit the water for the first time in a couple of seasons at the club. Hope we can stay close to them to make a race of it. With Pete and Craig taking Suicide blonde to Brisbane we should be able to learn from the wealth of experience Kym has to offer. On the subject of brisbane we have yet to secure the services of a sheet hand so if any one is keen contact Pete or Craig

Till next week
Pete c

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