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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

East Meets West

Not a bad days sailing at Mounts Bay. A good fleet turned up for the first club championship race of the season with 7 starters in the sharpie fleet.

The first part of the race was in a West South westerly breeze, the start was good with all boats lining up well and tussling up to first mark.. Dimension Polyant (Vita Brevis) managed to take the lead, closely follow by Loaded Dice, Black Sun and Impact and pretty much everyone else close by. DP managed to hold her ground on the reach across the bay, then rounded Addison first along with 20 or so Flying Fifteens.

The rest of the sharpie fleet had just as much fun dodging the Fifteens as we rounded Addison with Impact performing some slick manoeuvres to dodge the 15's and make some gains to start to threaten for the Lead. DP worked to keep clear air and managed to maintain a lead over Impact and the fleet as we headed towards Deepwater Spit. Then near majestic point the breeze died. All boat were now in a floating race, or on opposite tacks or gybes or both, heading in the same direction (which wasn't anywhere quickly).

Keysie Made good ground heading to the Nedlands side of the river managing to hang on to the lead group overtaking the back half of the fleet. Finally the leaders rounded Deepwater with a couple of Hobie 16's near by to make things interesting.

Heading back to Addison, the two leading boats were only 10m apart, one in an Easterly (Impact) and one in a Westerly (Dimenion Polyant). The easterly won out, and Impact skipped away to take a commanding lead. The now run back to Robins (this was supposed to be a beat) became the final leg as thankfully MBSC shortened the race at this mark, giving us enough breeze to sail home and watch the second half of the rugby.
1) Impact
2) Dimension Polyant
3) Wise Magic

Next Sunday is another club heat, so head down for another sail and beers afterward. Watch out for CHOGM road closures in the City.

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