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Monday, October 31, 2011

MBSC Club Heat 2

Club heat 2 was sailed on Sunday with a soft fluctuating ESE Breeze. It was quite a casual start from Matilda Buoy which meant everyone left the beach only minutes before the start. Starter Andy gave us a reminder 3 horn blow which was met with read between the lines responses from Mainy who was still getting into his wetsuit.

The course was W/L Style using Addison as the top mark and Club as the bottom. The start was a short line which tested a few as everyone was early. Impact was thinking about a Port Start but had no room causing a ruckus at the pin and breaking the start. Pressure was king on the water and Keysie proved once again that going the wrong way but staying in pressure wins. Impact managed to play the shifts well with the female crew scraping in for a second. Loaded Dice finished in third.

Peter Ivanac will probably attributing his form to jet lag after flying in the night before from America. Although bets are bets I hope he pays his jug bet with Impact.

This Sunday is PFSYC open day which the Sharpies have supported for a long time.
1430 Start. Course information can be found here or here(PDF). If you intend to sail please let Craig Mann know this week so he submit handicaps

Most boats are sailing up from MBSC. But dont forget to stop by the club for a beer afterwards.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Yes This is the New Pig, BUT IT ANIT NO PIG

Sorry for the limited photos of Sam's new Macca Sharpie
But the Guard dog(as seen in the photo) trigged the alarm with me taking
What a slick looking boat, all crew hard at work trying to get on the water
next week, rudders and couple of issue to be resolved
Watch out in Qld
Still taking orders for new Australian Sharpie

Thank you Qantas

GBYC club heat 1

Saturday 29th saw the first heat sailed'
the fleet faced the starter with a light NW breeze around 5 to 10 knots
the fleet all got away together with Mozz alongside the rest.
At the top mark Suicide Blonde led from Suburban boys and The Uninvited.
On the second reach a temporary shift in the breeze saw Uninvited and Suburban drop their kites whilst Suicide continued on unhindered gaining a comanding lead that was not challenged from that point, the positions changed for Suburban and Uninvited several times with Suburban eventualy taking out second place.
1st Suicide Blonde - Craig Pete and Brownie
2nd Just Suburban Boys - Snow Rod and Josh
3rd The Uninvited - Mozz Dean Mark Audett (guest sheet hand)

As I am off to NewZealand today I wont be writing a report for the next two weeks so if you are a Gbyc sailor feel free to fill in.

Pete C

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

GBYC season underway

Hi all

Last weekend saw the club opening day to kick the season off, as all fleets sailed together in a light short course the racing was uneventfull with the uninvited taking out the sharpie race.

Saturday saw the first points race of the season, three sharpies faced the starter over an olympic course. Being the last class away means that you canot change the course, as the tornado was almost back at the start.With 15 seconds to go the breeze swung from a light sw to n/e. The first work became a run with suicide blonde to windward of suburban boys and mozz in uninvited uncharectristicly late for the start.
Looking at the confusion on the faces of the skippers as to the course was gold, fortunately the crews prevailed and all went the right way.Getting to the bottom mark for the second time suicide led from suburban and were content to cover them, neither of these two had bothered to watch mozz who had taken a big dig to the right and was 50 meters clear. (talk in the bar was he cut the previous leg a bit short).

Into the last lap Suicide was able to close the gap on the uninvited but unable to pass leaving The Uninvited with Mozz, Dean and Tom winners from Suicide Blonde with Craig, Pete and Brownie leaving Just Suburban Boys, Snow,Rob and Josh in third.

Next week sees the first club heat with Bullit aiming to hit the water for the first time in a couple of seasons at the club. Hope we can stay close to them to make a race of it. With Pete and Craig taking Suicide blonde to Brisbane we should be able to learn from the wealth of experience Kym has to offer. On the subject of brisbane we have yet to secure the services of a sheet hand so if any one is keen contact Pete or Craig

Till next week
Pete c

East Meets West

Not a bad days sailing at Mounts Bay. A good fleet turned up for the first club championship race of the season with 7 starters in the sharpie fleet.

The first part of the race was in a West South westerly breeze, the start was good with all boats lining up well and tussling up to first mark.. Dimension Polyant (Vita Brevis) managed to take the lead, closely follow by Loaded Dice, Black Sun and Impact and pretty much everyone else close by. DP managed to hold her ground on the reach across the bay, then rounded Addison first along with 20 or so Flying Fifteens.

The rest of the sharpie fleet had just as much fun dodging the Fifteens as we rounded Addison with Impact performing some slick manoeuvres to dodge the 15's and make some gains to start to threaten for the Lead. DP worked to keep clear air and managed to maintain a lead over Impact and the fleet as we headed towards Deepwater Spit. Then near majestic point the breeze died. All boat were now in a floating race, or on opposite tacks or gybes or both, heading in the same direction (which wasn't anywhere quickly).

Keysie Made good ground heading to the Nedlands side of the river managing to hang on to the lead group overtaking the back half of the fleet. Finally the leaders rounded Deepwater with a couple of Hobie 16's near by to make things interesting.

Heading back to Addison, the two leading boats were only 10m apart, one in an Easterly (Impact) and one in a Westerly (Dimenion Polyant). The easterly won out, and Impact skipped away to take a commanding lead. The now run back to Robins (this was supposed to be a beat) became the final leg as thankfully MBSC shortened the race at this mark, giving us enough breeze to sail home and watch the second half of the rugby.
1) Impact
2) Dimension Polyant
3) Wise Magic

Next Sunday is another club heat, so head down for another sail and beers afterward. Watch out for CHOGM road closures in the City.

Techniques for Combating Waves

Thanks to Moes Tavern for this footage

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MBSC Opening Day

A small but eager bunch turned out for MBSC Opening Day. Six locals and and two from over the bridge enjoyed a 10 to 12 knot SE breeze and a three lap windward leeward trac.
Al Tidy Road from just shy of Rockingham just to see what was happening and scored the job sheeting for Pete Ivanac. Al then sculled a few beers the rode some 40kms home. No wonder he won a moths worlds and collectively the rest of us have won nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pete Ivanac enjoyed an early lead, Mainy was having alsoughts of trouble getting under the boom he recons it is getting lower each year. With many mixed and matched crews the level of sailing was not spectacular but remained close for most of the day. SS and the Ivanac crew lead until as with the EFYC opening he sailed to the wrong top mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In the end Impact stoll a win, SS second and Gordo an unlucky third.
Plenty of beer was consumed on the lawn after the race and a few tales told as always.
Craig Mann

Monday, October 10, 2011

MOFSC Sharpies defect for Fireballs Worlds

The majority of Sharpie sailors at MOFSC have taken up the offers of sailing Fireballs for the upcoming Nationals and World Championships to be held at the club from the 27th December 2011 to 7th January 2012.
Ally Boocock and Trevor Date have both taken up roles of skippering secondhand Fireballs and are already training most weekends on the prestene waters conditions off Mandurah.
Ally is skippering a club Fireball called 'Cowboys' with crew Katie Mitchell and Trevor is skippering Darren Reynolds Fireball 'Gattaca' wih Darren as forward hand. The fleet has been boosted with such skippers as Gordon Lucas making a return to Fireballs. A great many of overseas compectors from UK, Europe and Asia are making the trip downunder and the renown SA fleet will be also very strong and compective which also have ex Sharpie sailors involved.

Therefore the Mandurah Sharpie fleet look like hitting the water in January 2012 for the second half of the sailing season.

Good luck to the WA Sharpies attending the QLD Nationals. 
Trevor Date

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sharpies get wet for EFYC opening

7 Sharpies hit the water for opening day at East Fremantle Yacht Club last weekend. With a typical laid back East Freo start, and the subsequent confusion of which of the two identical days buoys was the first mark the fleet was underway.
  The light to moderate, and shifty conditions saw the fleet stretch out, then bunch back together by the time we rounded PC's (Bishop) mark, a short 2 sail (though for some reason Swanny thought it was a reach and stuck his kite, No Travis on the wire and 25kg lighter and shorter -was the excuse) across to Point Walter North and then a square run down to Armstrong near the Flying Squadron. At this stage all the boats were pretty much together and it was anyone's race. Dimension Polyant (formerly Vita Brevis) was first to round Armstrong on their way to Brickies, the rest of the fleet promptly followed. Blatantly Obvious headed to the West and Dimension Polyant to the South, Blatantly Obvious managed to make gains as the lackluster sea breeze tended to the West and rounded Brickies first, closely followed by Dimension Polyant.. This work ended up being the decider, as it was a procession to the finish line via PC's (Bishop).  
It was an excellent start to the season, and a gentle 5 to 15 knots to wet the appetite and it was great to see all 
  1. Blatantly Obvious
  2. Dimension Polyant (with new sails)
  3. The Dogs
Thank you to EFYC and the bar staff, yes last to leave were the sharpie fleet again
The camera was active and on Vern’s boat, due to sensors issues is still being edit, will be load to the web soon. Hopefully we will see a good turnout of Sharpies at Mounts Bay this Sunday for their opening day. (who will get the Go Pro camera privilege on the boat, spin the wheel???)


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