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Monday, August 8, 2011

GBYC Winter series

After two successful heats so far the third heat was a no show due to the absence of the breeze so possibly on next sunday.

The story so far

Heat one was sailed in 20 to 25 knot breezes with a 3 metre onshore sea.
Reminisent of sailing on port philip bay in a southerly!!
With Suicide blonde the only sharpie out they had no trouble in relegating the sports boats and cruisers to fight out second place with a good win in the conditions
Other sharpie sailors Snow and Mozz sailed on wattsys s97 Skyrider but almost perished from hypothermia when the rough seas knocked over the coffee and dislodged the blanket covering their knees, but all is well as they survived.

Heat two saw 15 to 18 knots and much flatter water. This week two sharpies made the start with Mozz, Dean and Tom joining Pete, Craig and Brownie for the two races.
In both close encounters Suicide won from The Uninvited and the happless cruiser fleet brought up the rear.

Whilst only two sharpies good to have a dozen or so mixed boats on the water.
hopefully the other sharpies will venture out next time.

Some interest from some of the juniors parents in purchasing sharpies so if you talk to one push them along, can only be good for the class.

With Brisbane nationals on the horizon Pete and Craig have booked accomodation and flights, now need to convince Brownie or find a willing sheet to sail on Suicide for the nationals, looking forward to it as the last RQYS carnival was a cracker

Well thats it for the moment
till next time
Pete C

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