The Australian Sharpie is a highly competitive yet social class with a long history of attracting and developing champion sailors

Monday, May 16, 2011

MBSC Presentation Night

Friday the 20th is Presentation night at MBSC.
Scratchy Details so far. Has anyone else heard anything?
A great time to catch up and have a little bit of input into next seasons sailing calendar before it is finalized. Plan is similar to last season on both a club and assn level.
Sharpie AGM dates will be announced soon.

The Traditional Easter Cocktail Party migrated to Bali this year!!!!
I did not get an invite but my wife managed to be there!!!!!!
Creeper and Moona obviously selected the guest list carefully this year as the women out numbered the men 3 to 1.
Could this become annual event in Bali?


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