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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

GBYC 2nd &9th April

Hi all
Just a quick update on club racing over the last two weeks,
2nd april club heat 6

As I am not allowed to mention Craigs crap starts I will just give the results

1st Suburban boys
2nd The Uninvited
3rd Suicide Blonde

9th april Some series of some sort

To be fair I wont mention Craigs good starts so here are the results

1st Suicide Blonde
2nd The Uninvited
3rd Suburban Boys

This week is the last race of the season being the last club heat, all to play for on this one, Suburban Boys hold a slender lead from Suicide Blonde and The Uninvited with the resultant champion being decided on the final siren,good luck to all.

Get well soon to Brownie who went under the surgeons knife yesterday for some repair work on his elbow (claims he wore it out working the sheet so much) Pete and Craig think it had frozen from inactivity. Must point out that brownie does not have a computer. Suicide needs to find a fill in for the week end.

till next week
Pete C

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