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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

GBYC 26th march

Saturday saw 10 knot breezes from the north west with a promise of a sw change

three boats fronted the starter with Suburban boys wining the start as usual,
Suicide blonde yet again had to play catch up whilst Uninvited had reverted to days gone by with a 2 min deficit on the gun.

Suicide was able to get into a slightly better breeze and overhauled Suburban boys by the top mark. Surprisingly Uninvited was on the stern of Suburban.

At the end of second triangle Suicide had pulled away to a good lead and Suburban boys and uninvited split tacks. Uninvited led suburban boys half way up the last work as Suicide rounded the top mark for home.

On the way to the finish the sw kicked in for a bit looking like giving Suburban a dream run to make up lost ground however this was short lived as the nw came back

Final results were
Suicide Blonde
Suburban Boys

Next week is the club heat six which is still anyones

Pete C

Monday, March 28, 2011

Jim O'Grady

I had the pleasure of chatting with Sharpie legend Jim O’Grady this afternoon. He and Bob Sampson had been reminiscing about how good they used to be when the topic moved onto the Alan O’Grady Perpetual Trophy and it’s were abouts. Conclusion it must be lost as the Sharpie lads have a history of being louts and a compete lack of responsibility.

As usual Bob did some detective work, which was not hard as he knows I’m class President and bingo the Trophy is in my safe keeping and up to date with Peter Chappell’s name on the Trophy once more.  Once PC is back from the World 5oh’s I will try and arrange to represent the Trophy and post it on the Web.

For the past 5 or 6 years the Association Trophies have been house at MBSC. EFYC had a club heat on Saturday looks like Vern took the chocolates from a half a dozen starters. One would suggest he would have the trophy in his clutches again.

MBSC had three boats on the water for 4 short races. Alan Thomas guided Impact around for 3 wins and a 2nd. Great effort with a very sluggish Craig Mann in the bow.

This weekend is Club Heat 6 at MBSC. It is any ones guess who will win so get down and hit the water.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MBSC Club Heat 5

Best I could do with the fairly poor footage. Let me know if you think a higher res version is needed. We can do a lot better.

Monday, March 21, 2011

MBSC,Cock of Canning and EFYC

Unfortunately I was on Work duties this weekend so could do little more than scratch at the glass and wish I was out on the water.

MBSC had Club Heat 5which proved to be a bing dong battle between Keysie in the smoking Black Sun and Gordo in Loaded Dice. Both boats had there fancy new Walker Sails and brought along there a A games. Impact was out with Ian Sluggie Sampson on the helm, SS had the Go Pro on board, so I will look forward to the footage. Pete is suggesting it will be a bit of a comedy act and he will need the bleeper on some of the colourful language.

Sluggie is convinced he won the start and was looking good before the legs gave way after 60 seconds if hiking. With the course a 4 lap windward leeward in Matilda Bay Gordo and Keysie took control with little separating them for the 50 minutes if sailing. Impact came to grief during her first Jibe, Nick Davis you are not alone, as Sluggie tried to jibe the boat like Martin Websters 50 foot Cat. Brendo and Picker ended up on the plate with Sluggie having  a little rest in the leeward side. Unfortunately the pole broke during the swim and it was race over and back to the bar. Picker suggested Ian actually broke the pole while they were trying to right the old girl as the salt water had made him a little thirsty. Nothing much has changed in the 30 plus years I have know Sluggie he was as good as last to leave the bar, with girl in tow and talk of stopping off on the way home for just one more beer.

At the Finish Line It was Black Sun by 2 seconds from Loaded Dice with SS taking out Third. With two races to go in the Club Champs scores are very close between Keysie, Gordo and Impact. The last two titles have been decided in the dying seconds of the last race so it is shaping be another triller.

Paul Green comfortably took out theCock of the Canning from a mixed fleet at the Shelley Sailing Club. The race was a loop around from the Club, Mt Henry Bridge and around to Shelley Bridge before finishing back at the club.

From the results in todays paper Vern took out line honours at EFYC on Saturday with the Bastardo’s collecting first on corrected time. Apparently the Dog’s were barking and snapping at heels most of the afternoon.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

GoPro is GO

WASharpies is please to announce the addition of a state of the art, HD GoPro video/still camera to our marketing arsenal. The camera is tonka tough and comes with a multitude of attachments, allowing your creative minds go wild. The challenge is on to create an exciting and action packed WASharpie promotional video along with regular YouTube uploads. The camera should be operational by 27th March, possibly sooner depending on postman pat. For more information go to and for a bit of eye candy

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blur @ BSYC

Thanks to Paul Bulley

Keep them coming!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The West Writes about Sharpies

The West has written the article about the WA States in its Saturday Edition. Good to see the media did respond to the emails. Thank you also to Craig for writing the article.

GBYC return to racing

After a layoff due to race week sharpie sailing returns to GBYC this sunday. The format is a short course series. Please note the start time is 10.30 am not the normal 14.30

Since the enjoyable states weekend we have had two races due to work I have been unable to write a report so the short version is-;

Club heat 5
suicide blonde took first place on the last leg in a good race the day was a reverse of the last state heat with the breeze starting at 5kn before building to finish at 20+. Lead changed several times with suicide getting away to a good early lead in the light only to be run down to be last as the wind shifted fortunatly we were able to run down snow and the lads on suburban boys to snatch the lead. Mozz ,Dean and Jess came a close third with Merv, Neil and Greg fourth

Highlight of the early part was merv dipping the sails in 0 knots of breeze the up side of that was by the time they had righted the boat and bailed out they lost about 20 meters.

The next weekend saw an impromptu series as racing was cancelled due to race week. Four boats started with Bullit replacing Mervs Spiny Norman. Kym took out the first race before retiring to the beach as Greg had developed a head ache. Race two in much lighter winds saw Suicide lead all the way only to go to the wrong mark allowing Suburban Boys to snatch the leadat the last mark. Race three was hotly contested on the lawn and in the bar as the wind had died cant beat a few coronas on a warm day.

TO THE BUSSO BOATS 10.30 START SUNDAY (and anyone else who might turn up)

Pete C

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