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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sou Easter takes it's toll at MBSC

Seven Sharpies ventured out into the blustery Sou Easter for Club Heat 3.
Vita Brevis joined the fleet after a short rest after a strong showing in Black Rock Nationals and Tim Reger was out on The Legends preparing for next weeks States.

With the breeze gusting between 18 to 25 and the usual easterly wind shifts Melville waters was to prove a little tricky.
Work one to King had Impact a few boat lengths in front of Loaded Dice with Reger, SS and Vita Brevis close behind.
Impact and Loaded Dice took to the North on the run to Hallmark  while Reger, Vita and SS took headed south and hooked into the gust of the day. Although they looked good all 3 took a spill when it came time to jibe and let the two leaders off the hook.

Loaded Dice handled the reach from Hallmark to better than Impact and moved into the lead. Regers race ended when the trap wire snapped on the reach, Keysies forward hand decided to jump through the main ending his day, Vita Brevis wrote the course on the back tank but in Chinese and they could not work out were to go and were not smart enough to follow the other boats and mixed up a few marks.

After a switchy beat from Armstong to Bond and a similar run to Bartlett Loaded Dice had a hand lead form Impact and SS.
Luck was on Impacts side as both Loaded Dice and SS took a belly fulls of water in the gusty conditions. Impact went onto win from Loaded dice and SS, Vita was lost in action as was Run to Paradise.

But the fun was not over. Gordo in Loaded Dice miss judged his approach to the beach and ran up the boat ramp at around 12 knots and then capsized to windward avoiding serious injury to anyone but his pride. He now has a busy week repairing some concrete rash on the port chine.

Once again beers at the bar solved all the worlds problems.

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