The Australian Sharpie is a highly competitive yet social class with a long history of attracting and developing champion sailors

Monday, February 21, 2011

Kim Taylor Returns

A weekend of watching Sharpies race around the river was too much for Kim Taylor. After selling his beloved sharpie three years ago the pain was too much to for him to resist the offer to skipper Run to Paradise. The old skills came back and the master helmsmen clearly won the start with a magical display on the pin end. With an obvious lack of boat speed the magical talent came to the fore, with Kim opting to bang the left corner and see what happens. As the fleet tried to pick the shifts and thin bullets coming off the freeway Kim and his immense talent allowed him to sail around the bewildered and many disbelieving crews and skippers to hit the lead at Addison. Unfortunately the breeze quickly picked up to 18 plus knots and the boat was left wanting and she was quickly burnt off down hill.

The Three Liddle Pigs were proving troublesome however while attempting to free the kite sheets from the bow suffered a rather nasty nose dive and took a long swim and as week know pigs don’t like swimming.

Impact took control of the race from the ever green Keysie and applied a loose cover on  the work to Anderson. With a good lead and the race under control after some great kite work from stand in wireman Poida Ivanivichische from Croatia (distant cousin but almost identical in looks to Peter Ivanac) on the down hill to Dolphin East, who wever skipper Craig Mann rounded Dolphin Spit not the Buoy. Luckily Dave the sheet hand picked up the error as we slipped on a loose cover on Blacksun and “politely” suggested that I was a stupid, illegitimate child that deserved a close sexual encounter with a wild boar. As we limped back to correct our wrong Keysie took control and had Blacksun firing up hill with Pete Connor and star recruit Alex Cameron on wire could taste victory.

All looked like a precession to the finish as we rounded Anderson Keysie had a 30 second lead and a straight forward reach to Crawley and a short leg to the finish. That was until the breeze increased from 18 to 22 to 20 to 30 with some big easterly squirts. The leg turned into ride of the year and the little drown dog almost came off the leash. Keysie had to drop his kite to make Pelican Pt while Impact staggered past on her ear. Hitting the lead was Great however a 35 footer had anchored in front of Crawley making the approach a little hairy. With the breeze now in the high twenties the drop jibe at Crawley was a little nasty. Both boats made it around with only minor curing, but a lot of ass puckering. Impact held off a rampaging Blacksun for a very lucky 5 second win.

Not to be out done and ever the showman Kim Taylor (Run to Paradise) had a spectacular swim in front of the Club to entertain those watching on the balcony. Kim your skill as a skipper is legend however few can entertain on or of the water to such a high degree, time to get Lex and Sluggie Sampson in shape and on the water.

Next week at MBSC is Family Fun Day, we need half a dozen boats out from mid morning to assist with the day and promote the class.

Sunday 13th is the Three of a Kind.
Lets put in as many teams as possible, always a good day.

Andrew Gill is off to the US (Vegas) for the World under 20 Magic Championships. With a 12 mth working visa we are not expecting him back for a while, good luck and enjoy. I’m sure he will keep us updated.

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