The Australian Sharpie is a highly competitive yet social class with a long history of attracting and developing champion sailors

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Five Down

Five Down Two to Go

With five heats completed in 18 to 25 knot gusty and shift Easterly breeze yeasterday most of the fleet have successfully
rehydrated and will head back onto the water at 1000 today.

As predicted PC was his usual self, managing to work his way to the front in most of the races. Kym Nisbett is like a rollroyce
just turn the key and off he goes. He and his Bullet team, lead in 4 of the 5 races a some point to be right in the hunt to challenge for the title.

Heat winners so far:

Who Let the Dogs out
Vita Brevis

Nick Davis gets and honourable mention for his up wind abilities, as yet he has not mastered the jibing technique of a Sharpie.
A couple of mechanical breackdowns has also hampered his campaign.

Vern Tidy has managed to crash into every sharpie, keelboat and spit post so far, one call during the days was with 6 eyes on the boat how
could you not see us!@#$%*.

Vita Brevis were terrible early however found some form in the last two races.

Skiff "Leg End" Scott Glaskin plans has put together a crack crew during last nights celebrations and will has a run in the final two heats.

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