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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nationals Heat 6

Hi All

The Web page may not get updated with results as Rhyss Edwards media officer and sheet hand on Vita Brevis is on his way home to Perth. Unfortunately his father has suffered a stroke this morning, we trust he is ok.

Vita Brevis was on he way down the ramp when Rhyss was given the news and headed to the airport in his sailing gear.

Given that Vita grabbed the nearest able bodied person, Greg Creeper volunteered but was considered to more disabled than able after several large drinking sessions. Rumour has it he has made Hunter S Thompson look like a Laser sailor with his efforts over the past week. Instead they grabbed Jo Mitton's son and who just finished at the cadet nationals, 7th in a hefty breeze was a good effort.

Once again old man Keysie was on fire with a 5th showing his skill in the wind and waves. Gordo was 11th and continuing the good form after a surf at one of Melbournes famous beaches yesterday. Tony was DNF.

SA lad turned Tassie local, Camel teamed with Drew Latham and Nick Carter to win the title with one heat to go. It looked like Dave Higgins was going to take the race and have the series tied going into the last race however a mainsail halyard failed and they suffered a DNF.

From all accounts the series has been a ripper, with good winds and plenty of cold beer at $4 a stubby.



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