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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nationals Heat 5

Well a change in the weather pattern has finally been observed with the breeze shifting to a lighter SE. It was also very shifty compared to other days with 20 degree shifts observed while racing. The first race start was abandoned. The second start was much better however Vita Brevis was blocked out from the pin and had to bail out and take everyone's stern on port.

Although it looked bleak it was the right way to go as all of the boats who went to shore fell into a hole. Except for 4 of the VIC boats and Vita who was 2nd around the top mark. Go figure! Ostentatious read this shift well and lead by half a leg at the end of the race.

All Scoobed out and Pig Out took the other places for the day after working their way back into the fleet. Currently after 1 drops 3 WA boats are in the top 10 just!

After the racing was states night with the usual suspects turning out to contest the chug-a-lug. The WA fought hard to get into the semi finals however the TAS team were the eventual winners. Photos and Videos are under umpire review and will be posted soon for all to judge.

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