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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

GBYC Since christmas

Hi all
Apologies for the laxness of reports but the grapes are agrowing and the gear to pick them needs to be ready (busy with work)

GBYC has run a few races over the last three weekends with good conditions for sailing, the regular boats are as competitive as they have ever been sharing the wins. Suicide blonde won the first long race of the year with guest skipper Hoppy of bullit fame coming up with the goods as "regular" skipper craig had family comittments. Short course series was the next one with snow sheeting for mozz on the uninvited again the results were spread around standout performance was spiny norman wetting the kangaroo in each of the three races, Merv claims the crew lost concentration causing him to drop the tiller, this may be open for dispute.

Last weekend saw the club Australia day regatta with three races over the two days, with "regular" skipper craig out with family comitments 125 sailor Jordan was enlisted to sail on Suicide Blonde and did a sterling job with two seconds and a third. His only fault being taking notice of "master" tactition brownie no one usually listens for good reason, Suburban boys took out the honors for the weekend. Greg from spiny norman filled in on the uninvited and was excited to only have one capsise from three,vast improvement.

This week sees the club heat so all will be primed for that.
Looking forward to the state heats some chance Kym in bullit may be a starter.
need some info regarding times ect if possible as unable to locate it on the website.

Pete C

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