The Australian Sharpie is a highly competitive yet social class with a long history of attracting and developing champion sailors

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Time

Hi All,

Three intrepid WA Sharpie crews are off to QLD for the National Carnival. Good luck to SS, Vicious and Suicide Blonde, we look forward to blogging and video on the website of both the on and off water activities.

It is almost time for the State Championships.
Once again MBSC is the venue, with racing over two days February 11th and 12th. Preparations are going well and we will gain from the experience Andy Curnow has gained from the ISAF Worlds.

Windward Leeward course format will prevail as we are at the mercy of Hughie with just two days to complete seven races. The plan is to complete four races Saturday with the final three to be completed Sunday.

Saturday night will be catered by Broadway Pizza, with the entertainment yet to be confirmed.

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Hard Day

A Hard Day

The Sunday at Mounts was the final hit out for a couple of guys heading to Queensland (Good luck guys) and the weather was interesting to say the least.
We arrived at the club and the breeze was east to north east and dying rapidly, luckily for by the time the 4 boats (Impact, Wise Magic, SS and Vita Brevis) were ready to hit the water a 5 to 10 knot sea breeze had managed to sneak in.
With no race crew the 4 sharpies headed to Matilda and sailed windward leeward, between Matilda and the club. We were doing gates starts to get underway which were very successful.
All up we help 5 races, and the stars for the day were the vastly improved crew on Vita Brevis. Two Finland 470 sailors over in Perth to supporting the Finnish team for the worlds jumped on broad, Dave now being the heaviest on board was relegated to the wire. The upwind legs were a bit tricky heading into the bay, with the fickle Sou Wester proving to be quite fluky. The results changed a around for most races, But Maria (Helming) and Matilda (Sheet) showed the fleet how to sail in the light airs. 2 seconds and 3 firsts out of the five races was a pretty good start for a Sharpie career. The racing however was nice and close, with the gate start providing an even start for the 4 boats, all in all it was a great day, and who can complain about being sailed around the course by two expert Finland sailor then arriving back to shore to have the sharpie trolley in the water with 3 corona's ready to be drunk. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
Thanks to Maria and Matilda for the sailing lesson, and you are welcome to join the sharpie fleet as any time.

Dave one wire

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


4 boats hit the water for a start postponed slightly due to an issue finding the key for the rescue boat, but once the rescue boat was on the course the fleet got underway. A short upwind leg to the first turning mark in front of the club, then a flying reach to a wing mark, all boats apart from Vita Brevis carried kites for this leg.

Johnny Hilton on the Bastards hit the piss on the gybe, and damaged their rudder, so that was their day done, the other 3 boats negotiated the next mark and headed to Blackwall, all in close contact for the leg across to PC's. Swanny on Vicous hit the piss approaching PC's letting Vern and VB through. A beat up to north point walter then a flying 2 sail across to Dome. Vern (Blatantly Obvious) was leading coming into Dome with VB chasing them down fast, then a VB got hit by a bullet gust, hit the piss and damaged their main.

A long 1 sail (jib only) back to east freo up the drainpipe. Couldnt get a tow as the rescue boat was busy looking after the 125's that were swimming. Vern (Blatantly Obvious) maintained his lead to win, and Swanny (Vicous) survived to finish 2nd. VB got a buzzer for 3rd, but missed a couple of marks on their long slog back to the club. Anyway, it was good to see 4 sharpies on the water for an eventful day.

D Meehan

Monday, November 21, 2011

MBSC Ball Tearer

What a ball tearer of an afternoon for sharpie sailing.

Five of the most dedicated boats hit the water after complete and methodical pre race preparations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gordo was the early leader from Impact, Blacksun and those ring in ex i14 blokes on wisemagic. mainy and the pigs were bring up the rear.

With the breeze very south and the first mark near crawley (due to cherub states) the first rear was a ball tearer.
As we rounded addison the breeze was nudging 20 in the gusts, it built all day. Gordo had a handy 20 second lead for Blacksun, Impact and Wisemagic as we made it back to addison from deepwater, but hit the piss on the drop jibe.

From there on it was a three way tussle with impact gaining the upper hand late in the day with floss on wire and dave the wizz in the middle. Only daves third time on a dinghy so he was doing well to have not made any major stuff ups.

With the race won Impact was storming down to Quarry before the jib sheets let go (well the knot I tied) and we were stuffed.
Wisemagic edged out blacksun, Impact held off Gordo after fixing the jib leads, mainy made it and the pigs were very clean after several swims.

Well done to the wisemagic crew that is there first bullet, lets hope it is not the last.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Close Racing

A Video From the 2011 SA Sharpies WestLakes Regatta. Good practice for practicing sailing in a tight area.
Many things to avoid:
  1. Other Boats
  2. Edge of canal
  3. Wind Holes
  4. Parked boats
  5. Many floats (do they catch crab there?)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

PFSYC open day

Perth Flying squadron was opened with all the normal traditions. A smoking gun, White dress pants, sail past and Sharpies in attendance. A 10 to 15 knot Westerly Breeze kept the fleet moving around the course.

5 Sharpies sailed in the open day race with 2 rigging up at PFSYC and 3 sailing up from MBSC. The course was simple 1 board up breeze and reach back in front of the club for as long as possible with a kite up.

Impact burnt the fleet off at the start choosing the pin which was on the layline. SS followed closely behind. Impact managed to hold their lead on the reach until a little communication error between the skipper and crew nearly caused a swim after the bottom mark. SS quickly sneaked by however a quick gust and impact took the lead.

SS took the lead again between the top mark and separation buoy. It was then a battle of weight on the wire with Moona on SS and C.Mann on Impact.  Impact reeled in the lead held by SS close to the finish but were unlucky with pressure.

This weekend is 3 state selection heats on Saturday at EFYC.  Please contact Gary Swan if you are going to sail.

Monday, October 31, 2011

MBSC Club Heat 2

Club heat 2 was sailed on Sunday with a soft fluctuating ESE Breeze. It was quite a casual start from Matilda Buoy which meant everyone left the beach only minutes before the start. Starter Andy gave us a reminder 3 horn blow which was met with read between the lines responses from Mainy who was still getting into his wetsuit.

The course was W/L Style using Addison as the top mark and Club as the bottom. The start was a short line which tested a few as everyone was early. Impact was thinking about a Port Start but had no room causing a ruckus at the pin and breaking the start. Pressure was king on the water and Keysie proved once again that going the wrong way but staying in pressure wins. Impact managed to play the shifts well with the female crew scraping in for a second. Loaded Dice finished in third.

Peter Ivanac will probably attributing his form to jet lag after flying in the night before from America. Although bets are bets I hope he pays his jug bet with Impact.

This Sunday is PFSYC open day which the Sharpies have supported for a long time.
1430 Start. Course information can be found here or here(PDF). If you intend to sail please let Craig Mann know this week so he submit handicaps

Most boats are sailing up from MBSC. But dont forget to stop by the club for a beer afterwards.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Yes This is the New Pig, BUT IT ANIT NO PIG

Sorry for the limited photos of Sam's new Macca Sharpie
But the Guard dog(as seen in the photo) trigged the alarm with me taking
What a slick looking boat, all crew hard at work trying to get on the water
next week, rudders and couple of issue to be resolved
Watch out in Qld
Still taking orders for new Australian Sharpie

Thank you Qantas

GBYC club heat 1

Saturday 29th saw the first heat sailed'
the fleet faced the starter with a light NW breeze around 5 to 10 knots
the fleet all got away together with Mozz alongside the rest.
At the top mark Suicide Blonde led from Suburban boys and The Uninvited.
On the second reach a temporary shift in the breeze saw Uninvited and Suburban drop their kites whilst Suicide continued on unhindered gaining a comanding lead that was not challenged from that point, the positions changed for Suburban and Uninvited several times with Suburban eventualy taking out second place.
1st Suicide Blonde - Craig Pete and Brownie
2nd Just Suburban Boys - Snow Rod and Josh
3rd The Uninvited - Mozz Dean Mark Audett (guest sheet hand)

As I am off to NewZealand today I wont be writing a report for the next two weeks so if you are a Gbyc sailor feel free to fill in.

Pete C

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

GBYC season underway

Hi all

Last weekend saw the club opening day to kick the season off, as all fleets sailed together in a light short course the racing was uneventfull with the uninvited taking out the sharpie race.

Saturday saw the first points race of the season, three sharpies faced the starter over an olympic course. Being the last class away means that you canot change the course, as the tornado was almost back at the start.With 15 seconds to go the breeze swung from a light sw to n/e. The first work became a run with suicide blonde to windward of suburban boys and mozz in uninvited uncharectristicly late for the start.
Looking at the confusion on the faces of the skippers as to the course was gold, fortunately the crews prevailed and all went the right way.Getting to the bottom mark for the second time suicide led from suburban and were content to cover them, neither of these two had bothered to watch mozz who had taken a big dig to the right and was 50 meters clear. (talk in the bar was he cut the previous leg a bit short).

Into the last lap Suicide was able to close the gap on the uninvited but unable to pass leaving The Uninvited with Mozz, Dean and Tom winners from Suicide Blonde with Craig, Pete and Brownie leaving Just Suburban Boys, Snow,Rob and Josh in third.

Next week sees the first club heat with Bullit aiming to hit the water for the first time in a couple of seasons at the club. Hope we can stay close to them to make a race of it. With Pete and Craig taking Suicide blonde to Brisbane we should be able to learn from the wealth of experience Kym has to offer. On the subject of brisbane we have yet to secure the services of a sheet hand so if any one is keen contact Pete or Craig

Till next week
Pete c

East Meets West

Not a bad days sailing at Mounts Bay. A good fleet turned up for the first club championship race of the season with 7 starters in the sharpie fleet.

The first part of the race was in a West South westerly breeze, the start was good with all boats lining up well and tussling up to first mark.. Dimension Polyant (Vita Brevis) managed to take the lead, closely follow by Loaded Dice, Black Sun and Impact and pretty much everyone else close by. DP managed to hold her ground on the reach across the bay, then rounded Addison first along with 20 or so Flying Fifteens.

The rest of the sharpie fleet had just as much fun dodging the Fifteens as we rounded Addison with Impact performing some slick manoeuvres to dodge the 15's and make some gains to start to threaten for the Lead. DP worked to keep clear air and managed to maintain a lead over Impact and the fleet as we headed towards Deepwater Spit. Then near majestic point the breeze died. All boat were now in a floating race, or on opposite tacks or gybes or both, heading in the same direction (which wasn't anywhere quickly).

Keysie Made good ground heading to the Nedlands side of the river managing to hang on to the lead group overtaking the back half of the fleet. Finally the leaders rounded Deepwater with a couple of Hobie 16's near by to make things interesting.

Heading back to Addison, the two leading boats were only 10m apart, one in an Easterly (Impact) and one in a Westerly (Dimenion Polyant). The easterly won out, and Impact skipped away to take a commanding lead. The now run back to Robins (this was supposed to be a beat) became the final leg as thankfully MBSC shortened the race at this mark, giving us enough breeze to sail home and watch the second half of the rugby.
1) Impact
2) Dimension Polyant
3) Wise Magic

Next Sunday is another club heat, so head down for another sail and beers afterward. Watch out for CHOGM road closures in the City.

Techniques for Combating Waves

Thanks to Moes Tavern for this footage

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MBSC Opening Day

A small but eager bunch turned out for MBSC Opening Day. Six locals and and two from over the bridge enjoyed a 10 to 12 knot SE breeze and a three lap windward leeward trac.
Al Tidy Road from just shy of Rockingham just to see what was happening and scored the job sheeting for Pete Ivanac. Al then sculled a few beers the rode some 40kms home. No wonder he won a moths worlds and collectively the rest of us have won nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pete Ivanac enjoyed an early lead, Mainy was having alsoughts of trouble getting under the boom he recons it is getting lower each year. With many mixed and matched crews the level of sailing was not spectacular but remained close for most of the day. SS and the Ivanac crew lead until as with the EFYC opening he sailed to the wrong top mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In the end Impact stoll a win, SS second and Gordo an unlucky third.
Plenty of beer was consumed on the lawn after the race and a few tales told as always.
Craig Mann

Monday, October 10, 2011

MOFSC Sharpies defect for Fireballs Worlds

The majority of Sharpie sailors at MOFSC have taken up the offers of sailing Fireballs for the upcoming Nationals and World Championships to be held at the club from the 27th December 2011 to 7th January 2012.
Ally Boocock and Trevor Date have both taken up roles of skippering secondhand Fireballs and are already training most weekends on the prestene waters conditions off Mandurah.
Ally is skippering a club Fireball called 'Cowboys' with crew Katie Mitchell and Trevor is skippering Darren Reynolds Fireball 'Gattaca' wih Darren as forward hand. The fleet has been boosted with such skippers as Gordon Lucas making a return to Fireballs. A great many of overseas compectors from UK, Europe and Asia are making the trip downunder and the renown SA fleet will be also very strong and compective which also have ex Sharpie sailors involved.

Therefore the Mandurah Sharpie fleet look like hitting the water in January 2012 for the second half of the sailing season.

Good luck to the WA Sharpies attending the QLD Nationals. 
Trevor Date

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sharpies get wet for EFYC opening

7 Sharpies hit the water for opening day at East Fremantle Yacht Club last weekend. With a typical laid back East Freo start, and the subsequent confusion of which of the two identical days buoys was the first mark the fleet was underway.
  The light to moderate, and shifty conditions saw the fleet stretch out, then bunch back together by the time we rounded PC's (Bishop) mark, a short 2 sail (though for some reason Swanny thought it was a reach and stuck his kite, No Travis on the wire and 25kg lighter and shorter -was the excuse) across to Point Walter North and then a square run down to Armstrong near the Flying Squadron. At this stage all the boats were pretty much together and it was anyone's race. Dimension Polyant (formerly Vita Brevis) was first to round Armstrong on their way to Brickies, the rest of the fleet promptly followed. Blatantly Obvious headed to the West and Dimension Polyant to the South, Blatantly Obvious managed to make gains as the lackluster sea breeze tended to the West and rounded Brickies first, closely followed by Dimension Polyant.. This work ended up being the decider, as it was a procession to the finish line via PC's (Bishop).  
It was an excellent start to the season, and a gentle 5 to 15 knots to wet the appetite and it was great to see all 
  1. Blatantly Obvious
  2. Dimension Polyant (with new sails)
  3. The Dogs
Thank you to EFYC and the bar staff, yes last to leave were the sharpie fleet again
The camera was active and on Vern’s boat, due to sensors issues is still being edit, will be load to the web soon. Hopefully we will see a good turnout of Sharpies at Mounts Bay this Sunday for their opening day. (who will get the Go Pro camera privilege on the boat, spin the wheel???)


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Register Online

You can now register online for the 2011-2012 Sailing Season. Visit the new membership page under Class button.
  1. Simply Fill in the form
  2. Click Submit 
  3. Follow the Payment directions to send your money through to the treasurer.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

MBSC Winter Sailing 4th September

Hi All,
We have 3 boats confirmed for sailing on Sunday but we would love to see a few more for some good racing. Please let me know if you can make it 0411 887 308. BOM is predicting 15-20knot westerlies so get on down for a ride and a beer.
ps Carbon fibre porn for the week.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Triangle-Sausage-Triangle hits the water

Stuart McDonnell re-launched TST on Sunday under a sunny blue sky. A few beers in the sun followed by a sail in the river accompanied by "SS", followed by a few more beers capped off a great afternoon at MBSC. Look forward to seeing you all the next Winter Sailing on 4th September for some real racing.

GBYC Winter series

After two successful heats so far the third heat was a no show due to the absence of the breeze so possibly on next sunday.

The story so far

Heat one was sailed in 20 to 25 knot breezes with a 3 metre onshore sea.
Reminisent of sailing on port philip bay in a southerly!!
With Suicide blonde the only sharpie out they had no trouble in relegating the sports boats and cruisers to fight out second place with a good win in the conditions
Other sharpie sailors Snow and Mozz sailed on wattsys s97 Skyrider but almost perished from hypothermia when the rough seas knocked over the coffee and dislodged the blanket covering their knees, but all is well as they survived.

Heat two saw 15 to 18 knots and much flatter water. This week two sharpies made the start with Mozz, Dean and Tom joining Pete, Craig and Brownie for the two races.
In both close encounters Suicide won from The Uninvited and the happless cruiser fleet brought up the rear.

Whilst only two sharpies good to have a dozen or so mixed boats on the water.
hopefully the other sharpies will venture out next time.

Some interest from some of the juniors parents in purchasing sharpies so if you talk to one push them along, can only be good for the class.

With Brisbane nationals on the horizon Pete and Craig have booked accomodation and flights, now need to convince Brownie or find a willing sheet to sail on Suicide for the nationals, looking forward to it as the last RQYS carnival was a cracker

Well thats it for the moment
till next time
Pete C

Monday, August 1, 2011

MBSC Winter Series Sunday 7th August

Congrats to Stuart McDonnell who bought "Triangle Sausage Triangle" over the weekend. Stuart joins MBSC after living in Tasmania(for far too long), and I'm sure will make an worthy competitor in the class.
Stuart intends to get the boat wet this Sunday (along with a couple of other confirmed boats) so please show your support and find your way to the yacht club for a sail this Sunday. Please throw us a line if you can make it.
Welcome mate!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Interview with Class Patron: John Cuneo

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

AGM - Outcome

Hi All,

The AGM has come and gone and we welcome Dave Meehan into the position of Measurer.
Other Committee positions stay the same;
President              Craig Mann
Vice President      Gordon McKercher
Secretary               Brendon Green
Treasurer              Peter Ivanac
Measurer               Dave Meehan
Publicity                 Rhyss Edwards

The sailing schedule will be similar to last season, provisional dates.
EFYC Opening Sept TBA
MBSC October 15th 
Shelley TBA
Perth Flying Squadron Opening Day  November 6th.
Metro, State Selection and Travelers Series November 12th EFYC and 27th MBSC.
Nationals Dec 28th  Jan 5th RQYS
WA State Sharpie Titles Feb 11/12th MBSC.
Note at this point we are limited to Melville Water East and Matilda Bay from 8 am to 1 pm Sat 11th and Sunday 12th 8am to 4.30pm. Be aware we may need to commence racing as early as 0900. Upside is more time for a drink on Saturday afternoon!!!!!!!!!!

We have started preparations for the 2013/14 Nationals here in Perth. The intention is to request a 7 day format from the National body similar to the QLD trial.
Discussions have been undertaken with several venues and a decision will be made shortly on the favored location/s.

The Website will continue to develop including more video footage to be posted with the Go Pro Hero.
Thanks to the regular contributors your efforts have help to attract as many as 400 hits some weekends.


Craig Mann
President WA Sharpies

Monday, June 27, 2011


Calling all WA Sharpie Sailors

The AGM has been set for Sunday 10th July 3:00pm @ Mounts Bay Sailing Club

If you have any suggestions on how we could improve Sharpie Sailing in WA please dont grumble about it. Come along to the AGM and contribute your ideas.

An invite from the President:

Hi All,

The time has come for the AGM.

Sunday  July 10, 1500 at MBSC.

We now have boats sailing at no less than five clubs, giving us expanding opportunities to promote and grow the class profile and numbers.

The local racing format continues to evolve, adding in additional short course formats to many race days.

Our turn to hold the National Titles is quickly approaching and a few important decisions will need to be made shortly. My view is WA should host a shortened series over Seven days simiar to the QLD Trial. The one week option has high level of support at National, State and Club level and most see this as an integrat part of the future.

Please come along and support your class association.

Craig Mann

Thursday, June 23, 2011

MBSC Winter Series

Time to dust off the boats Ladies and Gents.
MBSC Winter series kicks off on Sunday the 3rd July. The first race starts at 12AM. At the very least you need to come down and have a beer with me for my birthday.
Drop a response if you expect to be there.

ps In the mean, time we leave you with a "Ohhh Faaaaaarrrk!!!" moment from Impact at the 2007/2008 WA Nationals for a bit of inspiration. And yes, it was a very close miss.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In The Market for an Upgrade?

If you are in the market for an upgrade this might be the time to snap up a bargain. With hulls now being manufactured with the rejuvenated South Australian mould there is some bargain second hand boats around.

A Number of Good boats have come up for sale recently in SA. Check out the Classifieds page.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Carbon Booms/Poles

Monday, May 16, 2011

MBSC Presentation Night

Friday the 20th is Presentation night at MBSC.
Scratchy Details so far. Has anyone else heard anything?
A great time to catch up and have a little bit of input into next seasons sailing calendar before it is finalized. Plan is similar to last season on both a club and assn level.
Sharpie AGM dates will be announced soon.

The Traditional Easter Cocktail Party migrated to Bali this year!!!!
I did not get an invite but my wife managed to be there!!!!!!
Creeper and Moona obviously selected the guest list carefully this year as the women out numbered the men 3 to 1.
Could this become annual event in Bali?


Monday, May 9, 2011

Port Lincoln Frostbite Regatta

The Port Lincoln Yacht Club invites you to the 2011, 28th Annual Frostbite Regatta to be held on the Sat 11th June and Sun 12th, Queens Birthday Long Weekend.. (SA)

Each year the Regatta hosts various intermediate and senior classes.  The likely classes to attend are Sharpies, Fireballs, Lasers, Herons, Cadets and Yardstick Fleet.  All classes are welcome and we will do our best to accommodate them.

 Last Year Vita Brevis made the 27 hour straight journey over to represent WA and sailed to 4th Position. It was an epic journey which we will never forget. The current national champion Camel with his crew on "One Hump or Two" are tipped to make an appearance all the way from Tasmania.

If your interested the NOR is here

The Club website is here

Sunday, May 1, 2011

GBYC 16th April

It seems Pete C is unable to mention Craig’s crap starts or good starts, so here’s the news from a different angle.

As Pete stated, this week was the last race of the season being the last club heat. Just Suburban Boys held a slender lead from Suicide Blonde and The Uninvited going into the race, so the resultant champion was decided on the final siren.

Strong consistent winds could have led to a great close race, but that’s not how it turned out.

The breeze was difficult to read as it was almost non-existent. The Uninvited was surprisingly late for the start, and lack of wind led to a two boat race...Suicide Blonde led at the first mark and the wing mark, after excellent drifting skills. Just Suburban Boys mustered some hot air which enabled them to drift past Suicide Blonde whilst approaching the bottom mark.The course was shortened, and it was neck and neck to the southern seas and the finish line. Just Suburban Boys were victorious and received the final siren.57 minutes later The Uninvited joined the rest of the sharpie boys and a few well earned drinks were shared.

GBYC Trophy Night will be held Saturday 7th May 2011. Congratulations to Snow, Rob and Josh – Club Champions 2010/11

Yours in Sharpies

Lynn L

Monday, April 18, 2011

MBSC Season Finale

It is all over for this season at MBSC. A hand full of Sharpies made it onto the water in the very light and very variable northerly, westerly sometimes easterly breeze. Mainie probably had the right idea and sailed home mid race. With the Sharpie bar transformed into a wild west saloon a good crowd rocked up to spill plenty of beer and wine on the lawn while watching and endless stream of punters riding the Bucking Bull. A brave group of revellers were still kicking around 2am!!!!!!

Up coming events:

WASSA, AGM Date tba (Time to start arranging WA’s next Sharpie Nationals!!!!!)
Opening Days around September/October after another winter in the paddock.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

GBYC 2nd &9th April

Hi all
Just a quick update on club racing over the last two weeks,
2nd april club heat 6

As I am not allowed to mention Craigs crap starts I will just give the results

1st Suburban boys
2nd The Uninvited
3rd Suicide Blonde

9th april Some series of some sort

To be fair I wont mention Craigs good starts so here are the results

1st Suicide Blonde
2nd The Uninvited
3rd Suburban Boys

This week is the last race of the season being the last club heat, all to play for on this one, Suburban Boys hold a slender lead from Suicide Blonde and The Uninvited with the resultant champion being decided on the final siren,good luck to all.

Get well soon to Brownie who went under the surgeons knife yesterday for some repair work on his elbow (claims he wore it out working the sheet so much) Pete and Craig think it had frozen from inactivity. Must point out that brownie does not have a computer. Suicide needs to find a fill in for the week end.

till next week
Pete C

Monday, April 4, 2011

2011 Swansea Worlds

The Swansea Worlds took place over the weekend at the newly opened Camel Yacht Club. From the report it looks like everyone had a blast on the flat water of Great Oyster Bay. Looks like a sequel will follow so mark your calendars if your anywhere near there next year.

Full Wrap up

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

GBYC 26th march

Saturday saw 10 knot breezes from the north west with a promise of a sw change

three boats fronted the starter with Suburban boys wining the start as usual,
Suicide blonde yet again had to play catch up whilst Uninvited had reverted to days gone by with a 2 min deficit on the gun.

Suicide was able to get into a slightly better breeze and overhauled Suburban boys by the top mark. Surprisingly Uninvited was on the stern of Suburban.

At the end of second triangle Suicide had pulled away to a good lead and Suburban boys and uninvited split tacks. Uninvited led suburban boys half way up the last work as Suicide rounded the top mark for home.

On the way to the finish the sw kicked in for a bit looking like giving Suburban a dream run to make up lost ground however this was short lived as the nw came back

Final results were
Suicide Blonde
Suburban Boys

Next week is the club heat six which is still anyones

Pete C

Monday, March 28, 2011

Jim O'Grady

I had the pleasure of chatting with Sharpie legend Jim O’Grady this afternoon. He and Bob Sampson had been reminiscing about how good they used to be when the topic moved onto the Alan O’Grady Perpetual Trophy and it’s were abouts. Conclusion it must be lost as the Sharpie lads have a history of being louts and a compete lack of responsibility.

As usual Bob did some detective work, which was not hard as he knows I’m class President and bingo the Trophy is in my safe keeping and up to date with Peter Chappell’s name on the Trophy once more.  Once PC is back from the World 5oh’s I will try and arrange to represent the Trophy and post it on the Web.

For the past 5 or 6 years the Association Trophies have been house at MBSC. EFYC had a club heat on Saturday looks like Vern took the chocolates from a half a dozen starters. One would suggest he would have the trophy in his clutches again.

MBSC had three boats on the water for 4 short races. Alan Thomas guided Impact around for 3 wins and a 2nd. Great effort with a very sluggish Craig Mann in the bow.

This weekend is Club Heat 6 at MBSC. It is any ones guess who will win so get down and hit the water.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MBSC Club Heat 5

Best I could do with the fairly poor footage. Let me know if you think a higher res version is needed. We can do a lot better.

Monday, March 21, 2011

MBSC,Cock of Canning and EFYC

Unfortunately I was on Work duties this weekend so could do little more than scratch at the glass and wish I was out on the water.

MBSC had Club Heat 5which proved to be a bing dong battle between Keysie in the smoking Black Sun and Gordo in Loaded Dice. Both boats had there fancy new Walker Sails and brought along there a A games. Impact was out with Ian Sluggie Sampson on the helm, SS had the Go Pro on board, so I will look forward to the footage. Pete is suggesting it will be a bit of a comedy act and he will need the bleeper on some of the colourful language.

Sluggie is convinced he won the start and was looking good before the legs gave way after 60 seconds if hiking. With the course a 4 lap windward leeward in Matilda Bay Gordo and Keysie took control with little separating them for the 50 minutes if sailing. Impact came to grief during her first Jibe, Nick Davis you are not alone, as Sluggie tried to jibe the boat like Martin Websters 50 foot Cat. Brendo and Picker ended up on the plate with Sluggie having  a little rest in the leeward side. Unfortunately the pole broke during the swim and it was race over and back to the bar. Picker suggested Ian actually broke the pole while they were trying to right the old girl as the salt water had made him a little thirsty. Nothing much has changed in the 30 plus years I have know Sluggie he was as good as last to leave the bar, with girl in tow and talk of stopping off on the way home for just one more beer.

At the Finish Line It was Black Sun by 2 seconds from Loaded Dice with SS taking out Third. With two races to go in the Club Champs scores are very close between Keysie, Gordo and Impact. The last two titles have been decided in the dying seconds of the last race so it is shaping be another triller.

Paul Green comfortably took out theCock of the Canning from a mixed fleet at the Shelley Sailing Club. The race was a loop around from the Club, Mt Henry Bridge and around to Shelley Bridge before finishing back at the club.

From the results in todays paper Vern took out line honours at EFYC on Saturday with the Bastardo’s collecting first on corrected time. Apparently the Dog’s were barking and snapping at heels most of the afternoon.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

GoPro is GO

WASharpies is please to announce the addition of a state of the art, HD GoPro video/still camera to our marketing arsenal. The camera is tonka tough and comes with a multitude of attachments, allowing your creative minds go wild. The challenge is on to create an exciting and action packed WASharpie promotional video along with regular YouTube uploads. The camera should be operational by 27th March, possibly sooner depending on postman pat. For more information go to and for a bit of eye candy

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blur @ BSYC

Thanks to Paul Bulley

Keep them coming!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The West Writes about Sharpies

The West has written the article about the WA States in its Saturday Edition. Good to see the media did respond to the emails. Thank you also to Craig for writing the article.

GBYC return to racing

After a layoff due to race week sharpie sailing returns to GBYC this sunday. The format is a short course series. Please note the start time is 10.30 am not the normal 14.30

Since the enjoyable states weekend we have had two races due to work I have been unable to write a report so the short version is-;

Club heat 5
suicide blonde took first place on the last leg in a good race the day was a reverse of the last state heat with the breeze starting at 5kn before building to finish at 20+. Lead changed several times with suicide getting away to a good early lead in the light only to be run down to be last as the wind shifted fortunatly we were able to run down snow and the lads on suburban boys to snatch the lead. Mozz ,Dean and Jess came a close third with Merv, Neil and Greg fourth

Highlight of the early part was merv dipping the sails in 0 knots of breeze the up side of that was by the time they had righted the boat and bailed out they lost about 20 meters.

The next weekend saw an impromptu series as racing was cancelled due to race week. Four boats started with Bullit replacing Mervs Spiny Norman. Kym took out the first race before retiring to the beach as Greg had developed a head ache. Race two in much lighter winds saw Suicide lead all the way only to go to the wrong mark allowing Suburban Boys to snatch the leadat the last mark. Race three was hotly contested on the lawn and in the bar as the wind had died cant beat a few coronas on a warm day.

TO THE BUSSO BOATS 10.30 START SUNDAY (and anyone else who might turn up)

Pete C

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sailing Anarchy

Just in - WA Sharpies feature on international website Sailing Anarchy.
Get on and take a look while it's still there -

Check out the forum post

Monday, February 21, 2011

Kim Taylor Returns

A weekend of watching Sharpies race around the river was too much for Kim Taylor. After selling his beloved sharpie three years ago the pain was too much to for him to resist the offer to skipper Run to Paradise. The old skills came back and the master helmsmen clearly won the start with a magical display on the pin end. With an obvious lack of boat speed the magical talent came to the fore, with Kim opting to bang the left corner and see what happens. As the fleet tried to pick the shifts and thin bullets coming off the freeway Kim and his immense talent allowed him to sail around the bewildered and many disbelieving crews and skippers to hit the lead at Addison. Unfortunately the breeze quickly picked up to 18 plus knots and the boat was left wanting and she was quickly burnt off down hill.

The Three Liddle Pigs were proving troublesome however while attempting to free the kite sheets from the bow suffered a rather nasty nose dive and took a long swim and as week know pigs don’t like swimming.

Impact took control of the race from the ever green Keysie and applied a loose cover on  the work to Anderson. With a good lead and the race under control after some great kite work from stand in wireman Poida Ivanivichische from Croatia (distant cousin but almost identical in looks to Peter Ivanac) on the down hill to Dolphin East, who wever skipper Craig Mann rounded Dolphin Spit not the Buoy. Luckily Dave the sheet hand picked up the error as we slipped on a loose cover on Blacksun and “politely” suggested that I was a stupid, illegitimate child that deserved a close sexual encounter with a wild boar. As we limped back to correct our wrong Keysie took control and had Blacksun firing up hill with Pete Connor and star recruit Alex Cameron on wire could taste victory.

All looked like a precession to the finish as we rounded Anderson Keysie had a 30 second lead and a straight forward reach to Crawley and a short leg to the finish. That was until the breeze increased from 18 to 22 to 20 to 30 with some big easterly squirts. The leg turned into ride of the year and the little drown dog almost came off the leash. Keysie had to drop his kite to make Pelican Pt while Impact staggered past on her ear. Hitting the lead was Great however a 35 footer had anchored in front of Crawley making the approach a little hairy. With the breeze now in the high twenties the drop jibe at Crawley was a little nasty. Both boats made it around with only minor curing, but a lot of ass puckering. Impact held off a rampaging Blacksun for a very lucky 5 second win.

Not to be out done and ever the showman Kim Taylor (Run to Paradise) had a spectacular swim in front of the Club to entertain those watching on the balcony. Kim your skill as a skipper is legend however few can entertain on or of the water to such a high degree, time to get Lex and Sluggie Sampson in shape and on the water.

Next week at MBSC is Family Fun Day, we need half a dozen boats out from mid morning to assist with the day and promote the class.

Sunday 13th is the Three of a Kind.
Lets put in as many teams as possible, always a good day.

Andrew Gill is off to the US (Vegas) for the World under 20 Magic Championships. With a 12 mth working visa we are not expecting him back for a while, good luck and enjoy. I’m sure he will keep us updated.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Chappell Puts on a Clinic

Picture by Peter Kovesi

With the Championship in the balance PC put on a clinic for all to watch. A quick review of the Bible had The Lizard tuned to perfection and she was in a class of her own today. With blistering boat speed and tactical brilliance in the extremely shifty conditions PC and the boys were unstoppable.

A big nasty port and starboard incident that left SS with a shredded main sail hurt Kym early on the first leg and a big switch in breeze caught Kym Nisbett out half way up the first work and he did well to battle back into Fifth.

Tim Reger was finding his straps after struggling to come to grips with The Legends intrinsic characteristics.
Second brought him into podium contention. Heading into race seven it would be a race between The Lizard and Bullet for the silver wear. With the breeze start to fade and the shifts getting bigger anything could happen.

Almost on script PC nailed the start and the first shift and was away to a blistering lead. Bullet was in second however the damage had been done. The breeze soften as the race neared it's finish and many tales of woe where to be told at the Bar.

Thanks to Brett Mcinerny for taking the photo you now see on the top banner. Brilliant photo from majestic point. Download Hi Resolution Version. If you know of anyone else who was taking photos please tell them to send them into 

More Photos By Peter Kovesi


State Championships Results Drops = 1

Sail # Name Skipper Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Drop Total
788 The Lizard Peter Chappell 1 3 2 7 3 1 1 7 11
880 Bullit Kim Nisbet 2 2 1 3 4 5 2 5 14
918 Legends Tim Reger 6 4 8 5 10 2 3 10 28
891 Vicious Gary Swan 3 5 5 11 5 11 6 11 35
821 Impact Craig Mann 5 1 9 2 17 12 7 17 36
923 Mona Nick Heggart 15 10 6 6 6 3 9 15 40
910 Vita Brevis David Meehan 7 16 13 4 1 7 21 21 48
901 Blatantly Obvious Vern Tidy 4 13 12 20 2 4 19 20 54
873 Blacksun Graham Keys 9 14 21 10 8 8 8 21 57
800 CowRock  Greg Creeper 11 6 16 8 7 10 28 28 58
894 Suicide Blonde Craig Francis 12 8 14 9 16 6 10 16 59
908 Wise Magic Peter King 8 7 15 17 18 13 4 18 64
922 Blind Date Trevor Date 13 12 3 14 13 19 12 19 67
904 Who let the dogs out Byron Renfry 17 9 20 1 9 15 20 20 71
803 Road Kill Paul Green 22 11 17 12 11 9 16 22 76
879 Loaded Dice Gordon Mckercher 14 28 7 13 15 16 15 28 80
807 Just Suburban Boys L. "Snow" Francis 16 20 11 22 12 18 5 22 82
805 SS Peter Ivannac 10 17 4 15 21 28 28 28 95
862 Mainiacts Paul Main 20 18 28 16 14 20 18 28 106
872 Three Liddle Pigs Mike Liddle 21 19 18 23 22 22 14 23 116
604 Red A Cliff Burton 19 15 19 19 20 28 28 28 120
839 Sweet 16 Keith Swinton 28 28 28 18 19 14 13 28 120
820 Los Trios Bastardos John Hilton 18 28 28 21 28 21 17 28 133
916 Ruthless Tom Batt 23 21 10 28 28 28 28 28 138
787 Rash Decision G Hilton 28 28 28 28 28 17 11 28 140
907 Oragami Underwear Alex Boston 24 28 28 28 28 28 28 28 164
734 Run to Paradise Tony Aisbet 28 28 28 28 28 28 28 28 168

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