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Friday, December 31, 2010

Nationals Heat 2

Note to self: Keep the mast pointing in the air.

Black rock once again turned on great sailing conditions with the standard Southerly dropping in just in time for racing. The swell built constantly through racing and proved challenging to negotiate.

Keysie was once again up in the results with an 12th with Gordo just holding him off to finish in 11th place. Vita Brevis finished in 8th place after rounding the bottom mark behind both keysie and gordo and taking the left hand side.

The moral of the story being that Vita once again went for a swim when going for the kite drop at the bottom mark. Mistakes like those really hurt. Gordo was impressed with his teams effort in the race saying that he stepped outside the box and tried some different sail trim which worked a treat in the swelly conditions.

Today we have WA like weather forecast with 40 degrees and most likely a high land breeze that the seabreeze will not be able to fight out. The locals say in these conditions can prove very shifty.

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