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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Invitation Races

The fleet took to the water yesterday to warm up and shake off the nerves before the real national series starts with 2 invitational heats. Black rock turned on some perfect sailing conditions with 16-20 knots from the south which did not move around too much during the day either.

Keysie proved he's still got it with a 6th and 9th positions. Gordo got off to a good start with a 12th and 15th. Vita Brevis bent a spinnaker pole in the first race. We figured we must have run over a china man on the way here. However we quickly recovered running back in to get our spare and making it for the second race. The second race we picked up a few positions on the last leg to finish in 5th place. Aisbett managed to make it round the course finishing ahead of a couple of boats in the second race.

Results here

The podiums for the day were dominated by Camel and Dave Higgins finishing 1 & 2 in both races proving they will be hard to beat through the series.The first heat has similar weather conditions forecast with a high still in the bight.

Afterward we all shared a few (some too many) beers in the bar. Although the sharpies are conventionally Corona drinkers we have given them up in favor of the sponsored Broo Beer with carton after carton being drunk by thirst sharpie sailors at the low price of $4 ea over the bar. We managed to break Brendon out of his round before it got messy and took a ride down to the local pizza shop for dinner.

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