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Monday, December 6, 2010

MBSC Club heat 2


The last couple of weeks has seen a fair bit of banter between State Presidents in the lead up to the Nationals and National Conference. Some interesting ideas and some great input from the active associations and some more left field ideas from the less active States. Nothing that has not come up before or again in the future.

To keep you all in the loop the main consideration at a Nationals level is the trialing of a Program over 7 days.
Other than SA we seem to be between 30ish and up to 50 for the Championship. QLD has proposed a 7 day format for the 2011/12 series This was accepted last year and has ended up a 9 day series due to a few forced alterations. Most feel a 7 day event would attract more starters and at least than half to cost to both host clubs and competitors. Hard work on the ground is still the key issue and introducing new and recyled sailors to the class.

The Local fleet has a number of relatively new sailors to Sharpies including two junior skippers along with occasional appearance of The Son of Don steering Original Sin when not on 420 duties. After having assisted in Wise Magic changing hands I have received an order for a boat from a past Champion as plans are in place to return for the Perth Nationals.

Wise Magic was out in the morning with TJ doing the official handover and familiarization session with Peter King.

With the breeze West SW and between 8 and 12 knots it was going to be an interesting day. Not just the normal SW pattern. Half way up the first leg we had some big separations. The poor starters had gone west and picked up a massive westerly shift, Impact was pinned by SS and Gordo was forced to the south lay line, and effectively last place. The Pigs had streeted the fleet to lead at club, Vita had bailed early and dug all the way west to be next around and probably a good minute behind the Pigs, the rest were toast and fighting for scraps after one leg.

The reach to Addison was a soft mongrel run. Not unless you have three flee weights on board (Original Sin all of 180kg ringing wet) who flew down full wiring and back into the pack. The Pigs, VB then a gap to SS, Loaded, Original Sin and then Impact at Addison. VB worked west of the rumb line taking the lead and clearing out on the work to Robins, the rest battled it out getting in each others space on the work and run to Addison. SS, Loaded Dice and Impact spent the rest of the race in close contact and pulling away from Original Sin and the Pig’s. With VB at least 3 minutes ahead the race was for second, SS was assisted by the great sheet hand Sam Abbott, Gordo was inspired while Impact had to put up with the incompetent skipper.

VB was cruising to a massive win after a rather lackluster start to the season. All the best in Melbourne.
Fort the rabble the decisive move came late in the race at Quarry where the mark had been replaced by a temporary bouy. Luckily for Impact the alert and knowledgeable forward hand Andrew (Magic Fingers) Gill spotted the mark earlier than SS and Gordo and Impact was able to close the gap. Great calls by stand in Sheethand Allan Thomas (Father of Steve (the God) Thomas) had Impact on winners all the way up the final leg and into second place. The action not over with yet with Gordo having to duck SS on the line rather than inflicting significant damage to SS’s  Starboard midships. Pedro was later found guilty by the Balcony Jury and ordered to buy for the bar or walk the plank and Gordo was fined for not protesting in the allotted time and bought for the now rowdy mob.
This Mob was lead by none other than Graham Keysie Keys (assisted by Scott Glaskin) who had been let down by Drew Mitton not fronting and hence had downed several hundred middies by 6pm. As a reward Keysie hosted a rather entertaining presentation the like that has not been seen since past Commodore Matt Jahns passionate performances. As a result the bell was rung many times including right down to 3rd place getters.
Graham Keys leads the Presentation of flags
On a sad note we mourn the passing of Joe Creeper and pass on or thoughts and sympathy to Greg. 

Next weekend is another short race series at MBSC.

Written By Craig  Mann

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