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Monday, December 20, 2010

GBYC club heat 3

Saturday was club heat 3 and with a promise of 15 to 25 knot breezes all was set for a epic showdown between the four contenders, all skippers were nervous in the rigging area as the pressure was on them to get their boats away to a good start. On the way out to the start the breeze filled in to about 15 to 18 from the s/e swinging a bit to the west but holding reasonable pressure.

On the start Suicide got away first closely followed by Suburban and the uninvited and spiny norman, problem the gun didnt sound till Mozz got to the line and merv went the wrong side of the start boat due to a barging incident,Mozz in the uninvited cotinued up the first work while the others set about restarting.

Heading to windward for the second time it was Uninvited from Spiny, Suicide and Suburban. With the exception of mozz the places swapped with each tack and the lead mozz had was down to a few boatlengths on the run.

Into the breeze for the third time Mozz in the uninvited lead from Spiny Norman and Suicide Blonde with Suburban Boys close behind. Suicide hung left whilst Spiny and Suburban went right with Uninvited trying to cover both options. At the mark Suicide had closed the gap to be in second with a bit of a gap to Suburban and Spiny. The breeze had gone west a bit by now making the first reach square and the second to tight to fly a kite.

Into the breeze for the last time it was Uninvited, Suicide Blonde, Suburban Boys and Spiny Norman.The breeze being s/w meant it was a one tack run to the line, Mozz, Dean and Jess in The Uninvited held on to win. Suburban Boys made good use of stand in forward hand Pete 118kg Ravenscroft to be all over Suicide on the beat to take second and Spiny in fourth.

Nothing like a good race to finish the year, makes relaxing analysing the race with a few beers whilst the sheet hands wash and pack up most enjoyable.


1st The uninvited
Mozz, Dean and Jess
2nd Just Suburban Boys
Snow, Rob and Pete
3rd Suicide Blonde
Craig, Pete and Brownie
4th Spiny Norman
Merv, Neil and Greg

With 3 different winners so far the race for club champion is alive and well
as there is no sailing till the 8th Jan Hope everyone has an enjoyable Xmas
Good luck to those going to the Nats

Pete C

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