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Sunday, December 5, 2010

GBYC club heat 2

Well what a difference a week makes!!!
after the breeze dropping out for the start last week this week saw a 15k westerly at 2pm, on the way to the start it built to about 18k swinging to the sw.

At the gun it was Spiny norman at the boat and the uninvited courtesy of mozz's new watch away first followed by Suburban boys and Suicide blonde 15 sec later, it was a drag race to gain accendency by the first mark Merv "the little master" rounded first follwed by Suicide, Suburban and Uninvited close behind.

By the gybe it was still spiny from suburban, suicide and uninvited, some clever sailing from "regular skipper"craig put suicide into second in hot pursuit of spiny.
the breeze kicked in a bit for the next windward. At the top for the second time spiny opened up a lead on suicide and suburban with uninvited a bit back. All boats split tacks for the run closing up the gaps.

As the breeze kicked a bit more the places stayed the same finishing with a good two sail reach to finish, as the gaps were not too great no one risked a kite in fear of being carted off the course.

End results were
1st Spiny norman Merv,greg and neil
2nd Suicide Blonde Craig Pete and Brownie
3rd Suburban boys Snow, Rob and Josh
4th The Uninvited Mozz, Dean and Jess "iceman"

Funny how no one whinges in a good breeze

Pete c

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