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Monday, December 27, 2010

Committed Stupid Dumb idiots

Was the call from the Gallery in the bar.

There were 4 of them who decided that a warm up was worth it in waters off Black rock yacht club. The conditions were exhilarating. Maybe that's the stupid coming out in me as Vita Brevis was one of them.

All WA participants have successfully arrived at Black Rock Yacht Club ready for the start of the 2010/11 Nationals. Although not totally in one piece they are now ready to race. At the moment a SSW has set in around 20 knots. Which on the bay in kicks up a bit of swell. We estimate around 2.0m.

After out practice session a couple of brews were enjoyed back at the club. The new flavor of the month is the sponsored Broo beer which is walking out the door at $4 a pop. I think they might need to order more.

Tomorrow looks to be light on the bay for the invitation heats.

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