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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

State selections & Traveller series hts 1-4

Photo by John Hilton

EFYC and MBSC hosted some great racing Saturday and Sunday, with the first heats of the State Selection and Travelers series.

Thanks to all the volunteers from both clubs and Brendon and Cheryl Green for the use and operation of the boat to lay the course on Sunday.

As I was busy testing the water quality and depth of the reach during race one and later saving the life of a poor ant sailor (possibly some exaggeration), Impact missed heat two I will guess a little at the results. We considered applying for average points however that would have meant some paper work and less time to drink beers so dismissed the idea. Not to mention the average of last is still last!!!!!!!!!!

A good 20 to 25 was on offer in the confines of the Drain Pipe which in itself is fine, it is all the dumb ass pleasure craft drivers that have been on the piss all afternoon that the problem. Race one had Impact and Vern were dueling for the first lap before Vita Brevis hit her straps and took control. Swanny and the boys in Vicious were showing glimpses of promise. Impact and Vern tried to avoid each other and both hit the piss, Vern recovered, Impact was in the pond for a big swim and tangled kite. Driver Error and Owner preparation of equipment was to blame. SS had gear failure, Mainiacs was going well however blew up a spreader and also had to retire along with problems on Mona causing her to come in during race two.

Vita took out the win from Vicious not sure of the rest, probably Vern 3.

Race two and it was very solid, Vita had the lead only to swim at the bottom mark, allowing Vicious to take out the win, Vern piped Vita on the wind when the sails touched the pond again.

Saturday and it was a more comfortable 15 knots give or take from the SW.
Everyone had a turn at leading and both races finished with most of fleet within a minute.

Lot's of fun and a taste of what Busselton and the State Champs in February have in store.

Vern took out both races, Vicious a 2 and 3, Impact a 3 and 2. For those interested Brendon emailed the rule of the finish line and Impact did have room on the boat at the finish. Not that I was sure at the time!!!!!

Great performance by POIDA Ivanac showing what a great purchase 805 was and that is as good as he said he kept telling us. Fantastic to see the Great Men Al Hopping and Wade Henson gracing the sharpies again. Mainie was a happy camper with his team finding their groove, Tony A made it around both races and bar at Mounts shut early due to a lack of staff. Probably a good thing as for once I could drive home.

A great couple of days both on and off the water.

Next weekend looks quite at both clubs due the (PIR) Perth International regatta and the loss of brownie points in many camps, hopefully we will see a good turn out at Busselton. The Mounts Bay boy's plan to camp at the club and the plastic may even make the trip.

Please if you intend to travel or are looking for a crew let me know as this will assist Busso in catering and how much beer to have on order.

The more the merrier and it would be great to support the Busso boy's.


Craig Mann

More photos courtesy of John Hilton

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