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Monday, November 8, 2010

GBYC The Uninvited does the unexpected

Sunday saw the short course series 1. as the cruisers were doing an offshore race sharpies racing was held in the morning with a 10 30 start.
with Brownie away, think he was at the media launch and after party for a new flavor iced tea, my very lovely wife Cheryl was enlisted to fill in, (she sometimes reads these)unfortunately sunday saw her ill and unable to participate.
A few calls to prospective crews drew no response so suicide stayed in the shed. As we were duty boat "regular skipper" craig "family comittments" and I teamed up with Brendon Mozz on the rescue boat.

The start of the first race saw 5 knots of nw building and swinging. At the gun the big suprise was The Uninvited,with Mozz,Jessie "ice man"Sheehan and Dean "mister"Dixon on the line mixing with Suburban boys, Snow "extreemely cocky", Rob "galvanised" Nail and Josh "mister" Beard, and Spiny norman staring Merv "rowdy" forster, Roger "the hard core"Paine and Greg"mister"stewart.Roger HC of Woody Nook Wines had taken time out from his Quest to break all his bones whilst bike riding, to sail, hope to see him back in the sharpie soon.

The racing was tight with all boats having a share of the lead and a wrong tack meant you could lose shitloads but could gain the same with a good one.
Suburban boys took out both races in the end but a good test for rusty crews and to tune boats.

Race two had a nice 12 k nw breeze blowing and the race was much like the first with Suburban taking it out, Rowdy had a few moments with greg reaching on the run, claims to have eaten an off prawn, saw Roger THC ducking for cover and not sheilding rowdy, typical sheet hand
Next week sees the return of Brownie so should have 5 boats in the water as the fleet gathers momentum.

Thanks to Brendon Mozz for his help on the rescue and all the material he shared about his dad (Mozz) which will end up on the site through out the year.

Beers and burgers were the order of the day on the lawn after,and although I was unable to stay I am sure the conversation was about the best display of rescue boat duty to date, the whole fleet kept safe!!

Well done to Snow Rob and Josh on the two wins

see you next week

Pete C

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