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Monday, October 25, 2010

GBYC "family comitments" on hold

Saturday saw the return of "regular" skipper Craig F "family comitments" to the fleet, all was ready for a good race with Snow "cocky",on suburban boys, Mozz on the uninvited and Suicide Blonde all keen to taste victory. A nice NW breeze of about 15knots with a possible swing to the SW later, the start saw the usual jockeying for position, finally the gun went then about 30 seconds to a minute later the fleet started in what would have to be one of the worst displays of starting I have witnessed made more unbearable by being on the last boat! When questioned "regular" skipper Craig F claimed he had read a book on tactics by some bloke called Uffa Fox and by starting last you have the opportunity to go either way unhindered, what a crock of sh%#

First work saw the lead change several times with Suicide coming out on top and holding that for the next two laps. Snow "not so cocky now", on suburban boys stayed close in second with mozz throwing all sorts of strange tacks to try to get by but loosing a bit of ground. The last work and Suicide had opened up a bit of a gap and looked the goods, at this point about 100mtrs from thwe top mark the ever observant forward hand pointed out the large gust coming from what looked to be the SW.
"regular" skipper Craig F "family comitments" acknowledged the gust then both set about trying to make the knowall sheet hand be prepared for the hit. In typical sheet hand mode Brownie dismissed the sugestion refusing to look, probably dreaming of iced tea and ginger nut biscuits, and just sat in the middle of the boat.

When the gust hit it was a header resulting in the boat tacking and almost going in the piss, filling with water but not wetting the sails. After a flogging with the jib sheets and tiller extension Brownie blubbered out he had done nothing wrong he had done nothing!!! exactly!!
Tip for sheethands just because you are allowed to rig and unrig boats, wash them down ect you are not the knowledge on the boat and need to listen to the other wiser crew members, particulary the forward hand.

Suicide was able to get the water out and cross the line in first from suburban boys and the uninvited.
Mozz showed a few patches of brilliance and is to be watched.
Next week is the first club heat so maybe see a few more out.
Pete C

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