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Sunday, October 31, 2010

East Freo 30th October

With the not enough starters for the Indian Ocean Classic, Mounts Bay on a break for a week the only place left for a sail was at EFYC. We called it preparation for the upcoming State Selections in 2 weeks time. The river turned on a fluky Easterly for Blatantly obvious and Vita Brevis to sail with.

I'm not sure how long it is since Vern Tidy has last sailed but it is long enough for a blue tongue lizard to find a home in one of the sail bags. When the crew went to open the bag they got a bit of a fright.

EFYC from my memory has been a very sociable club but they are very precise with their start times. The Start box had start signals for the skates up and both of them were still rigging on the beach. Then came the sharpies turn and we were still rigging. It was mostly just a hurry up and the starters reset the sequence for us.

Onto the racing Blatantly obvious got away to a good start and lead all the way to Point Walter. However after surfing a stink boat wake for a while and picking a few nice shifts upwind to miller Vita Brevis took the lead and held it as we sailed back to the club. The last 200m into MtLyall Blatantly obvious kept in pressure and managed to get inside mark rounding rights on Vita. From there it was a struggle to the finish line with Vita taking at the mark and Blatantly obvious weaving through moored boats to find pressure and finishing 10 seconds ahead of Vita Brevis.

Arriving back at the beach Swanny and Ash had arrived to have a chat. And a few beers for Swanny (I'm not sure that a diet of Beers is going to help him loose 8kg in 8 weeks). It was a nice day to be on the water. Thanks to EFYC Volunteers and we look forward to the State Selections in 2 weeks

We also learnt back on the beach that a after a shark attack off Garden Island Fremantle Sailing Club had called off racing at the Indian Ocean Classic. Not only had the sharpies avoided a shark biting them but also the $120 nomination for no Sailing

The sharpies will be on the road again to MOFSC and PFSYC Open days to Sail next weekend. Look forward to seeing you there.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nationals prep

With Nationals at christmas time there are a couple of boats that are keen to hit the road.

Over the weekend our VP Gordon signed up heavyweight grinder (120kgs) for his campaign. So watch out for them on the next tight reach.

Keysie has expressed interest and has twisted Drews arm to sail on the wire for him.

So far that makes 4 boats for the trip over with Vita Brevis and Run to paradise. An offer to share a sea container with the flying ants (who are sailing in Parkdale) will help distribute the costs but if we could fill it with just Sharpies would be a bonus.

Do you need a real holiday over the Christmas?

Not long now

Monday, October 25, 2010

GBYC "family comitments" on hold

Saturday saw the return of "regular" skipper Craig F "family comitments" to the fleet, all was ready for a good race with Snow "cocky",on suburban boys, Mozz on the uninvited and Suicide Blonde all keen to taste victory. A nice NW breeze of about 15knots with a possible swing to the SW later, the start saw the usual jockeying for position, finally the gun went then about 30 seconds to a minute later the fleet started in what would have to be one of the worst displays of starting I have witnessed made more unbearable by being on the last boat! When questioned "regular" skipper Craig F claimed he had read a book on tactics by some bloke called Uffa Fox and by starting last you have the opportunity to go either way unhindered, what a crock of sh%#

First work saw the lead change several times with Suicide coming out on top and holding that for the next two laps. Snow "not so cocky now", on suburban boys stayed close in second with mozz throwing all sorts of strange tacks to try to get by but loosing a bit of ground. The last work and Suicide had opened up a bit of a gap and looked the goods, at this point about 100mtrs from thwe top mark the ever observant forward hand pointed out the large gust coming from what looked to be the SW.
"regular" skipper Craig F "family comitments" acknowledged the gust then both set about trying to make the knowall sheet hand be prepared for the hit. In typical sheet hand mode Brownie dismissed the sugestion refusing to look, probably dreaming of iced tea and ginger nut biscuits, and just sat in the middle of the boat.

When the gust hit it was a header resulting in the boat tacking and almost going in the piss, filling with water but not wetting the sails. After a flogging with the jib sheets and tiller extension Brownie blubbered out he had done nothing wrong he had done nothing!!! exactly!!
Tip for sheethands just because you are allowed to rig and unrig boats, wash them down ect you are not the knowledge on the boat and need to listen to the other wiser crew members, particulary the forward hand.

Suicide was able to get the water out and cross the line in first from suburban boys and the uninvited.
Mozz showed a few patches of brilliance and is to be watched.
Next week is the first club heat so maybe see a few more out.
Pete C

Ronstan Regatta update

As I see it Vita Brevis is the only boat confirmed for next weekend.
The rest of us have (EFreo boys as well) crew issues, or lack of motivation etc etc.
I will wk with Pete Ivanac to see if we can get SS on the water Saturday.
Entries must be forwarded to FSC Wednesday this week.

Impact needs to regroup and do some repairs after ruining two mains and a kite in the past two sails.

No racing scheduled at MBSC for the Sunday.

MBSC Club Heat One resail

With 8 Sharpies lined up and a building seabreeze we were in for some fun, spills and gear failures.

Cowrock had dusted off a seasons cobwebs and with star crew Sarah and Grinder ron the boat were clearly going to fly.
Vita Brevis was keen to put aside some poor form and show there State Title win was not a flash in the fan result.
SS was on the water only to have gear failure to a faulty jib halyard that had been replace during the week. Thankfully the mast was not ruined and Louis is fixing the problem. The Pig were home early as the gold spar tip finally failed. Lucky I have supplied them with a replacement (ex Mainie) and they will be on the water for Squadron Opening.

The first work was tight, Impact leading with Cowrock and Vita on our tail. The reach was a ripper, VB took the lead and it was not long before Cowrock with 120kg plus on the wire found the groove in the 22kn plus breeze. A major mess at Deep water between two S80's a hobie cat saw Impact surrender the lead to Cowrock that picked the gap and ricked life and limb in a tangle of boats and a hobie that had know idea.

Vita hit the piss leaving Cowrock and Impact to fight it out. After some seriously close calls with windsurfers and stink boats Cowrock kept up the good work leading at Addison and Robbins. Keysie, Vita and Gordo were all having a good battle the rest were retired.

Cowrock poped the shute at Robbins 30second and with failing memories and strenght headed for University bouy, missing a complete lap of the course. Impact survived the ball tearing reaches and made it back up to Robbins with a big lead over Keysie.
However disaster soon after with the Impact spinaker blowing apart. Bugger we were to miss the best ride of the day. Keysie would have caught us but dropped his kite early thinking the UNI to Quarry leg was to tight and letting us off the hook. Vita Hit the piss again!!!! allowing Gordo to take second.

The Corona's were very pleasent after the race and we hope to see Grinder again a Cowrock was transformed.



Mofsc Kicks off Season

The OTB mixed dinghy fleet kicked off the season with a Club Championship Heat last Sunday in a fresh 20 knot southerly sea breeze with Lasers, 420, Cherub, Sharpies, 505 and a Hobie 17.

The start time was 1pm and with a forecast of a strong sea breeze later in the afternoon the starter set a short inshore course which was great for the spectators. Sharpie 'Blind Date' got the jump at the start but capsized soon after on the goabout which opened the door for the 505 and Sharpie 'Witches Couldren' to battle in out around the track. The 505 extended her leed throughout the race with 'Blind Date' moving through the fleet and in the end only seconds seperated them at the finish followed by 'Witches Couldren' and a fast finishing Cherub.

After the finish the sea breeze freshened in with a strong 25 knots with everyone getting back to shore safely.


Near miss @ EFYC

Thanks to John Hilton for posting this video

Monday, October 18, 2010

GBYC 16th oct

Saturday at GBYC saw a light NW breeze around the 5 to 10 knot mark, tipped to swing to the SW during the day. Three sharpies faced the starter, Suicide blonde with Pete (regular skipper Craig F away with "family comitments") Brownie and Greg, Suburban boys, Snow Rob and Josh and the real Uninvited with Mozz, Dean and Jess.Kym, Merv and Roger still to hit the water. Close racing prevailed with only boat lengths separating all three. Suicide led the first lap from Suburban and Uninvited, who seemed to loose their way a bit as the lap progressed, Mozz sugested the lack of marks on ropes played a part (that old chesnut!!). Suburban boys grabbed the lead on the return part of the sausage and held on to win the race in a fading breeze from suicide and uninvited. As the boats headed for the finish the breeze kicked in. Mozz went for a good run whilst the others headed for the shore. Good race after all. Had to decline Brownies offer of an ice tea and ginger nut biscuit, in favour of building fleet morale over a few beers.
Untill next week
good sailing
Pete C

MBSC short race series

With the Perth International just around the corner and the 2011 Worlds in sight MBSC and the volunteers from EFYC had a practice event with all fleets racing in the confines of Matilda Bay. Congrats to all the volunteers as the starts and finishes went off with out a hitch most classes finished 4 races with the Sharpies enjoying a 5th. Starter Andy provided an interesting day with short 2 lap races progressing to a time limit over 2 hours rather than a set number of races. Andy also had both start and finish lines operating which allowed fleets to be starting and finishing at the same time. A 3min start sequence also kept the fleets moving.

We had a nice 14 to 16 knot WSWer with the course legs of around 600m.Race one saw a little confusion as half the Sharpie fleet (6 boats)headed for the RPYC wing mark. Once we had this figured out racing wasa little more orderly. Mainiacs rounded the top mark first, Blacksun somehow managing to just make it to the start line on time then chose to go around a RPYC mark thinking they were the black sheep, Impact and Vita Brevis quickly realised their error and cracked off and followed Mainiacs around.However their glory was short lived with Impact and Vita Brevis quickly passing down breeze.

Vita Brevis and Keysie were looking good in the first two races with Impact, Mainy and 3LP sniffing about. Race three turned out to be the turning point,Impact and Vita were OSC with Impact restarting Vita sailed on the win the race but being punished for her error. With a good results in race 4 and 5  Impact took out the series and vindicated her last place in race 3. Keysie showed his normal style and hit thebar early forgoing race 5 an a crack at the title.

The series was a great success and with more of these scheduled our boat skills will improve.
A special mention must be made of Three Liddle Pigs series, as they were often near or in the lead early and Mikes starting technique is improving every race.



Email your entries asap to me and I will send them in if we can get the numbers.



Monday, October 11, 2010

MBSC Club heat 1: Blownout

Well what a start to the MBSC season. Sunday was a blowout at MBSC as a rain front passed over the race area.
The sharpies left the beach at 20 to 2 and it was a blast of a 2 sail reach down to the start at near addison. Once down there the conditions were difficult to handle with close to 30knot gusts blowing through. Many crews took a swim.
From there the Race committee chose to change to a SW course starting over near Quarry. We played follow the lamb over to quarry. Hoisting a kite and blasting down through the bay. It was a nice ride. Other fleets abandoned their race but the some of the sharpies retired with damage and by the end there wasnt many left to start a race. It was a good choice to retire to the bar.
Next week is a short race series starting at 1400.

Day one GBYC

Saturday saw the first day of racing after last weeks false start. Three sharpies faced the starter for three short races, breeze was around 12 to 15 from the NW. Suburban Boys, Suicide blonde and The Uninvited fought out the day. Mozz and Dean purchased Uninvited from Merv and spent the winter refurbishing it, credit must go to attention to detail to make the boat into an exact replica of the old Sidewinder with a different sail number, The racing was close with plces changing through out with Snow, Rob and Josh on Suburban boys winning from Suicide blonde with Pete, ("regular" skipper Craig F with "family comitments") Brownie and Julian, and Uninvited/Sidewinder with Mozz, Dean and Jess.

Race two saw Mozz win from Pete and snow.

Race three was again close but with the absence of the finish boat there was some confusion over what was the correct finish,Suicide quite clearly went the right way winning by an unconfirmed 12 to 15 minutes, but I did hear Snow and Mozz claiming similar victories in the rigging area after. Good to be back on the water regardless of the result, sailing sharpies is always a buzz.

Next week should see Kym in the water and possibly Marvyn if circumstances permit.

Pete C

Friday, October 8, 2010


Well tomorrow brings us the first race at GBYC for the season, after last week's cancellation due to some under achievers playing a replay footy game all is ready. Looks like a lesser breeze forecast than last week but should be ok. Hopefully see a few starters for the warm up, not sure how many but will report after the event. As with all sharpie reports these will contain a reasonable amount of truth but may be adjusted in the interest of a good story. Take this opportunity to wish a good season to all on behalf of the busso sharpie fleet.
Pete C

Friday Quiz

Who, where and when?

Winner claims a jug on Sunday.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Season Opening

President Craig Mann Hoists the Sharpie
flag to mark the start of the season
5 Boats rigged on the lawn ready to go sailing

Last Saturday marked the start of the season with MBSC and GBYC holding their open days.

5 boats were rolled out onto the lawn at mounts, quickly rigged and it was back into the bar to watch the footy. Half time we worked out it wasn't worth watching any more and it was out to get ready for a sail. At least we had intentions of going out. Pete C reports there was never ant intention of leaving the bar in Busso. So I'm not sure if GBYC has officially started yet if you didn't get your boats wet?

Onto the racing. It was a hot fleet with the lead changing a few times at the top. It was good to see Peter Chappel dust his sharpie off for a sail. Craig Mann had a hot crew also and after a shaky start worked back into 2nd place by the end of the race. Vita Brevis took an early lead around the top mark. But on the second work Chappel took the lead and held it down breeze until a small mistake deciding which side to leave a navigation mark. But quickly recovered. It was neck and neck at the last bottom mark.

1st  The Lizard: Peter Chappel
2nd Impact: Craig Mann
3rd Vita Brevis: David Meehan

Friday, October 1, 2010

New website features

Recent Improvements to the website
Find out what your local club is up to. The calendars of all the clubs which sail sharpies are now posted on this page for easy access.
Tuning articles are available for download (same ones from old website) Race documentation will be posted there soon...
You can now email your sharpie related photos directly to the webpage.
Simply attach the photos in an email to with the subject becoming the caption and they will turn up instantly on the website.

Please send us your news, photos, video, links to so we can add it to the website.