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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MOFSC Results 8th August

A great time was had by all at last weekend's MOFSC winter series. Lovely sunny weather and plenty enough wind.

There was 18 dinghys in the fleet comprising Sharpies, Tasers, 420s, Cherub, Opis and a silly singlehanded Fireball(subsequently punished in the 15knot bullets). 5 Sharpies were scheduled to hit the water however unfortunately one boat's crew was sacrificed to the shorthanded start boat. The day comprised two short, tight races with a single fleet start.

The first race was in gusty 5-10knots, with 20-30 degree wind shifts. A significant sag in the line provided SS the opportunity for clear air start. With the wind on the left side of the course, this proved to be the best way to the top mark. Keeping the boat flat, up to speed and pointing toward the mark was the key, with height being of secondary concern.

At the top mark it was SS, Blind Date, Big Boys Toys and Kiss My Transom with positions unchanged for the triangle and sausage. SS then parked it on the second triangle with the kite retriever badly tangled and caught half up, half down. Several minutes were lost, by which time Blind Date was long gone, showing off superior crew work in the tricky conditions. Wth the course being so short, positions remained unchanged from there on.

Race 2 saw a easterly shift straight after the start, allowing a few lucky punters (including SS) into clean air on port. This proved to be the fastest way up the first beat as the wind swung back south as boats approached the top mark. With a 5-15knot winds, preparing for gusts was imperative. After the first triangle it was SS, Blind Date, and Big Boys Toys. Blind date elected to try something different and gybed out on port for the downwind, but missed the gusts on the other side of the course and was punished. Once again, speed and favoured wind became irrelevant when SS managed to go prawn trawling at the bottom mark, followed by a capsize, and another for good measure. Oh dear. Anyway, Blind Date took an easy win followed by Big Boys Toys and eventually, a soggy SS. Perhaps SS should be short for soggy skipper.

The course offered an excellent training ground, punishing those out of practice.

As always, the MOFSC burgers went down a treat with a beer (or six).

The next MOFSC Winter Series is the 12 Sept which is the last.


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