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Monday, June 28, 2010

Start Marking your Calendars

The AGM has been held and dates are set for next seasons races. Mark your calendars now so you dont miss the action. Date are as follows

Opening DAys
Sept 26 EFYC Opening
Oct 2 MBSC Opening
Nov 7 PFYS Opening

State Selections & Traveller Series:
Heats 1 & 2:    13th November 2010 – EFYC  (14:30 Start)
Heats 3 & 4     14th November 2010 – MBSC (14:00 Start)

State Heats & Traveller Series:
Heats 5 & 6:    27th & 28th November 2010 - GBYC

State Titles:
Feb 12th & 13th MBSC State Titles TBC  

National Championships:  
Dec 28 - Jan 6 Black Rock Melbourne
Other Races
Oct 30th & 31st Ronstan Indian Ocean Classic FSC (dates TBC)
Apr 23rd-25th Easter Regatta MOFSC
Dash for Cash- TBA

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Looking to Buy of Sell anything Sharpie? Well Checkout the new Classifieds section
Navigate to it on the top bar or here . Check out WA728 Psyclone is up for grabs for $1000.

Ads will expire after 3 months. Please email any advertisements you have to
Please also send through notification of selling the item

Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Vintage Article

What was relevant then, is relevant now, so get those older boats out of the shed, pull your mates together and Fly Sharpie!

article by (Graeme, Gentiles, Australian Sailing 1991)

Australian Sailing 1991 pg 10

Thanks to Peter Ivanac for digging this one up.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010


A quick reminder for the Sharpie AGM.
Sunday 27th June MBSC 12 noon.
Craig Mann

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The $1000 Smile

Well on a brisk morning at FSC we witnessed the relaunch of Black Adder WA766. Complete with new pin striping. Peter and his crew took the boat out and completed 2 heats of the FSC huck scott winter series this saturday.

The Smile on his face as he rounded the top mark only 3 boat lengths behind Vita Brevis after picking a nice shift on the work told a $1000 story. It gives proof  that older boats can still perform well. Well done to Peter

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hard day at the office

Sunday we had an amendment to the program with the race committee opting for 4 races to make up for the lack of wind on Saturday. The wind built to a steady 8-12 knot NE breeze which allowed for great racing between the fleet.
Today we worked the boat hard to achieve the following the results: 5, 2, 3, 2. We were very happy with this performance although in the end we finished overall in 4th position as there was no drops in the series and we had to carry a 10 from day 1. Although disappointing we are pleased with our result as we really put the challenge to the SA fleet.
Although the sun was shining the water temperature was the coldest we had experienced yet. During the races we were working hard enough to keep warm but in between the temperature started to kick in. Finishing 2nd in the last race allowed us to make a swift dash to the beach and start to pack up the boat ready for the journey home.
Blur sailed a perfect series in the end with 5 bullets proving their experience. Congratulations to Mal Higgins and his crew. Even after they managed to swirl their complementary bottle of Port before the finish of the first race (Mal Suggests this is their tradition)
The Port Lincoln frostbite is definitely a regatta to remember and we would like to thank the Club and the SA Sharpie Association for their hospitiality. We unfortunately couldn't stay for the presentations as we needed to start heading home. We will post overall results when we get a copy of them.
Cheers from the Vita Brevis Team
(2 hours from Perth with a 6 pack of Corona left)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

'Blockbuster' rejoins the fleet WA710

Sounds like we have another boat rejoining the ranks next season with Blockbuster aka 'Daisy' WA 710 recently being acquired by seasoned Keelboat/Sportsboat/Dinghy Sailor Greg Reynolds.

Daisy has been sitting idle ever since the state championships 3 years ago when the wire man put its foot through the soft ply deck. It will take a alot of work to restore her but if anyone is going to do it Greg will. He is famous for spending way too much time around boats instead of doing real work. I believe he has also signed up one of his regular keel boat crew Paul to hang on the wire and help him restore it.

Greg will be changing the name back to the original blockbuster although its current name does work well with his longtime nickname of 'flower'. Greg aims to sail the boat out of Mandurah and Mounts bay.

The sharpie class looks forward to Blockbuster rejoining the fleet for the 2010/2011 Season.

Road Trip

Vita Brevis has left on a long journey to SA to sail against the South Australian Sharpie Fleet in the Port Lincoln Frostbite series over two days. The trip is planned with around 30 hours of driving to get there and 30 hours back it will be long haul for the crew who aim to be back by Monday night.

Around 20 sharpies are expected to make the trip form adelaide for the series which rivals numbers for recent National Championships. With water temperatures a brisk 16 degrees the wetsuits have been packed and it puts meaning to the name 'frostbite'. Light winds are forecast for the weekend but being the southern ocean who knows what could end up rolling in.

Race updates will be posted on the crews blog page at Team Vita Brevis

Enjoy your time by the fire

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bridesmaid Craig

Our Lord President Craig Mann, is the bridesmaid once again this time at the Nexus South West Golf Open in Bunbury during the week. Tied at 7 under in second place nets Craig a decent $2375 which apparently is being donated directly to the impact sharpie sailing fund.

Well done Craig even if your a bridesmaid.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Notice to All sharpie sailors:
The Annual General Meeting will be held on the 27th of Jun at 12PM at the Mounts Bay Sailing Club.

All Sharpie sailors are encouraged to attend to have their input into the development of the Sharpie Class in WA.

  • QLD proposal for shortened Nationals series.
  • WA Schedule and State Title dates.
  • Class promotion 10/11 season.
  • Fund raising
  • Melbourne Nationals travel plans.
  • Election of Association Positions
  • A beer for our hard work

Hope to see you there! Spread the word

Please send us your news, photos, video, links to so we can add it to the website.