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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Easter Cocktail Party and Preso's

Please pass this on to all crew etc
Helpful Hints
Groups of 6-10 people combining to share costs and itemsrequired would be suggested.
Choose 2-3 cocktails you would like to make and try to getat least two of them that have similar alcohol requirements.
Get 2/3rd’s of group to bring the bottles ofalcohol and the remaining 1/3rd to bring the mixes, garnishes, cupsetc.
Equipment you will need depends on the cocktail choices youhave made however as a guide pls bring:-

Cocktail shaker
Bar Mix
Shot Pourer
Soda Water (in case drinks are two strong this is the bestmix to soften the blow)

If the above all just sounds to hard there is nothing wrong withbringing a carton of booze and watching all us numb nuts try to drink instyle!!!

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