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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

68th Nationals 2010/2011

Start Packing your bags and booking your accommodation everyone the 68th Sharpie Nationals are on!

I'm sure your all sweating with the clock counting down (see the right hand column)towards this years Nationals. The schedule of events has been finalised.

Important Dates (from schedule)
Dec 27th: Measurement & Registration
Dec 28th: Invitation Heats
Dec 29th: Heat 1
Jan 6th: Heat 7 & Presos

I have been hearing some rumors from a few boats wanting to go so watch out Victoria, WA is coming!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Easter Cocktail Party and Preso's

Please pass this on to all crew etc
Helpful Hints
Groups of 6-10 people combining to share costs and itemsrequired would be suggested.
Choose 2-3 cocktails you would like to make and try to getat least two of them that have similar alcohol requirements.
Get 2/3rd’s of group to bring the bottles ofalcohol and the remaining 1/3rd to bring the mixes, garnishes, cupsetc.
Equipment you will need depends on the cocktail choices youhave made however as a guide pls bring:-

Cocktail shaker
Bar Mix
Shot Pourer
Soda Water (in case drinks are two strong this is the bestmix to soften the blow)

If the above all just sounds to hard there is nothing wrong withbringing a carton of booze and watching all us numb nuts try to drink instyle!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

3 of a kind race summary

The 3 of akind was as usual a great event.

If nothing else the lawn at MBSC is full as in the old days and we get to have a crowded start line.

Tim Reger was back for a day in Daties shinny new boat. Could this become a semi permanent gig. For the fleet lets hope Reger gets his bumb back in a boat. Murray Smith jumped on 3 Liddle Pigs and assisted or only junior skipper with some tuning and technique. Sadly he was unable to help with the starting technique!! The VitaBrevis crew jumped on Hillies boat for something different. Impact had to rely on the ever faithful full time fill in Pete Ivanac to fill the bow.

In a 8 to12 knot Westerly the fleet needed a couple of starts to get under way. The Black flag was outfor start number two. As expected the 49er’s got of to a quick start a head of the 14’s with the Sharpies and 505’shaving there own private little race. Needless to say the 49er’s were first and I14’s second both over the line and on the yardstick formula.

In the 505Sharpie Challenge

Impact had a good lead at Addison however an encounter with a crab net half way to Robins saw her drop back considerably while trying to get free. Duff and Nick in there lovely 505 held off Impact, Reger and Girt for most of the race until the final leg from Poplar to the finish. The Sharpies played the team card with Reger heading right, Impact in the middle and Girt heading left.Hopefully one could get past the 505. Thankfully the breeze popped in from the right and both Reger and Impact crossed ahead of the disappointed 5oh sailors. Duff,thanks for the ice cold Coopers by the way.

Once again the 505 and Sharpies race neck and neck around the track. Hopefully after a few years of trying we can manage to get the fleets together a bit more next season.


Craig Mann

MOFSC Easter regatta

For those of you regatta junkies. MOFSC is again holding their Easter 'coaching' regatta. It is open to all classes. For those of you who want to make a whole weekend of it; Go for it! Otherwise people who are time poor there are a group of boats making a one day assault on Mandurah on the Sunday.

Cya down there!

NOR-Easter Regatta

On time entries close 26-March

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Bastards

You could spend hours on youtube

Thanks to John Hilton for this Video

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

MBSC three of a kind race

The annual three of a kind race is on the 14th of March at Mounts Bay and it is time for the sharpies to give it all we have got to Claim the yardstick trophy. And that is whats planned with ex state champion Tim Reger coming out of hibernation to skipper Trevor Dates 'Blind Date'. Murray Smith is tipped to jump on board with Three Little Pigs. Craig Mann is surely to be there with a hot crew and Vita Brevis will be there to fight it out on the Swan River.

The Grass of MBSC is tipped to bussling with boats this Sunday. Last year the Tasars proved their worth in the light conditions. Hopefully the doctor will be in this year! Bounce down is at 2:30pm. Cya on the water?


Sharpies representing
1. Impact : Craig Mann
2. Blind Date: Tim Reger
3. 3 Liddle Pigs: Murry Smith
4. Girt: David Meehan
5. Vita Brevis: Peter Ivanac

Monday, March 8, 2010

States Report

The Sharpie state championship was held over the Labour Day long weekend at MOFSC. With 4 heats completed and 5 heats still to be races the competition was wide open. Coming into the weekend Vita Brevis helmed by David Meehan and Crewed by Brendon ‘boogs’ Green and Rhyss Edwards were leading the series with 3 bullets and a 4th. They were closely followed by Craig Mann on Impact and Nick Heggart on Mona.

The light shifty NE winds proved challenging to sail to on the flat water of comet bay under the hot sun. The lead changed many times during races with Trevor Date and his crew on ‘Blind Date’ showing some pace. The breezes were similar on Sunday and the decision to race all three races and finish the series was made.

The final results
1st Vita Brevis
2nd Impact
3rd Mona

Individual Race results
Championship results
Handicap Results
Metro Championship

Friday, March 5, 2010

Thanks to the creators of this movie with footage from the 67th National titles

67th Sharpie Nationals Report: Vita Brevis

This year’s Sharpie National Championship was sailed out of Sandy Bay Sailing Club on the Derwent River in Tasmania. The 9 race series was held over 10 days during the Christmas break with MOFSC represented by Vita Brevis helmed by David Meehan and crewed by Brendon Green and Rhyss Edwards. There were 27 entries for the series with 3 WA boats making the pilgrimage as well as last year’s National Champion and several well known competitive sharpie sailors.
The Derwent River provided an excellent host for the championship with Mount Wellington in the background, fleets of yachts competing in the Sydney to Hobart and Launceston to Hobart yacht races passing by our race course and plenty of onshore festivities.
A mix of different weather conditions was sailed in, ranging from nothing to 25knots and one day was postponed due to a 57knot gusts (The bear) coming over mount wellington. These conditions proved tough to sail in with a mix of different boats at the top end of the fleet. Vita Brevis sailed consistently throughout the series to finish 11th overall with results ranging from 3rd to 19th place. The series was won for the second year in a row by Malcolm Higgins and his crew on ‘Blur.’ The win was contested until the last day of racing with Jason Heritage and Crew on ‘Bread Run’ claiming an early lead to the regatta.

The 68th Sharpie National titles are scheduled to be held at Black Rock Sailing Club in Victoria next Christmas and it highly likely that WA sharpies including Vita Brevis will be there to contest them yet again.

Many thanks to all the people who were involved in running the regatta (SBSC). It was nice to see a dedicated volunteer group and off the water events were entertaining. We hope to see lots more boats representing WA in Victoria


Team Vita Brevis

Host Club: Sandy Bay Sailing Club
Download Results Results
Pictures: Jane Austin Photography Flikr
Webiste: Team Vita Brevis
Next Nationals: Black Rock Sailing Club
Victorian Sharpie Association


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